Justice: Dead Girl Spirit Part 2

This is the story of a girl that is telling her story from a heaven. Please Comment ! x
I don't remember much about when I got raped. Just the beginning. I also remember that I fought when I felt the guys sweaty body against me. At the end I hit the guy in a forehead and finally escaped from the tortures. I have run and run as fast as I could. I cried all the way through then everything has disappeared and my vision has completely changed. The only explanation that was coming into my head was - I have fainted. I was pretty sure I did. That's why my head have made up everything. Then everything came back to normal. I have found myself alone lying in the middle of the street. I have heard a cars passing by but I have seen none. Shivering form cold and panicked on what I was doing there. I looked up on the clear, blue sky. For a moment I have found myself in a whole other place. Then again everything came back to normal. It was a dream - wasn't?

My mother has never asked me to go to shop and I have never being raped. I stood up and felt a weird pain in a lower area of my stomach. Then out of nowhere, my rapist has appeared walking into my directions. I felt the tears streaming down my face. I tried to escape but the more I have tried, the more I have failed to do so. Then I turned around which I was running and flew over Martin who was walking around the park. I cried for help but he just ignored me. At first an angry and panicked feeling went through my body but then I have come to realize that the truth was - he couldn't really see me.

"Help me Martin!" I tried shouting several times. I think he have heard me as he turned to face me and looked straight into my eyes.

"Emily " He said with a surprise. I looked at my hands and felt more panicked in the fact that they have been slowly disappearing. I didn't know what was going on with me.

"Emily! Wait ! "He yelled. Some people thought that Martin was weird. But now I know that he wasn't. He just saw the things other people couldn't see. And it wasn't just a coincidence.

"Martin "I cried but my body have completely disappeared. I don't remember what have happened after. I knew I was flying.

It was weird experience. There were no enough words that I could use to describe it.
I have never realized that I wasn't the same person anymore and that my life will no longer be the same. After what happened I woke up on the field surrounded with flowers, mountains and sea. I have never seen such a spectacular view in my life. I sat on the grass and looked around when I saw a lad in around my age coming towards me. I stood up looking into his direction.

"Where am I ? "I have asked "and who are you ? "
His hair was long dark brown. He had a pale white skin and bright beautiful green eyes. His body was slim.
"Emily "He started slowly by saying my name.
"How do you know my name?" I felt surprised. I simply didn't know what was going on.
"You're dead "he explained.
"I'm not " I disagreed crying.
"We all are "He said,

"So how do I exist? Where am I?" I still was bombarding him with questions. I couldn't understand anything he was trying to tell me.

His name was Roberto. When I have asked him about his death, he just said that he prefer to keep it as a secret for now on. I accepted it. Then he explained that I was in heaven. I walked through the flowers and get onto beach. I touched the sea water and saw my reflexion. Roberto has followed me for the whole time. He was the person who had to guide and guard me. Helping me with accepting the death. My thoughts came back to my killer. There was something wrong with the whole story - don't you think? I have escaped when he was raping me. So why was I dead?

I have never believed in life after death until it has happened to me. Many people are asking or wonder how heaven looks like. Many of them find themselves imagining that heaven is controlled by God and angels. That the heaven bodies will be different from the bodies of people who are alive. That we change after death . But the truth was the heaven is the most beautiful place you could ever wish to see. Now I know that heaven was nothing else than a thing that can be formed by individual person. The person's deepest loves and closest people will be there. Except I did not see any people I would have known.

A land of sweetest memories and the most inviting and comfortable place you could imagine. Full beauty on overwhelming love and desires. Of course Heaven look exactly like that. But in my eyes - the heaven was so perfect. I could find there everything I have ever imagined and wanted and needed in the time when I was alive. However I knew this in my heart - that somehow this place wasn't perfect. I was gone as it seemed. I missed my family and my murderer was still hunting me. He didn't want me to rest in peace.

As the day shortened and trees were changing the colors and still my justice the piece I was longing didn't come. I became so concerned. There was a little hope. Or even no hope at all. When the sun was going down I sat in a bank of the river and looked over my family. I have tried to replace my murderer identity but instead there was an awkward silence. Sometimes Roberto was sitting next to me. Forcing to smile I pretended that there was nothing different. But that was the whole thing about being in heaven. He could easily read my mind so as everyone else's. As much as I was longing to come back... I couldn't.
Published: 3/5/2010
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