Karma Puppy

He was a little puppy looking for love, and he won't let go of so easy.
They gave him a home,
The lonely puppy,
And in return he took their worries away.

He would sit in front of the large fireplace,
On the dark and cold windy nights,
He tumbled and cuddled,
And did all of their tricks.

But still the people were sad,
They left him in the car for what seemed like forever,
And he thought he had done something wrong.

He ran out to meet them in the driveway,
They hit him with their car and got mad,
They said, "He is nothing but a nuisance,
He’s hurt so let’s just put him down."

At this the puppy turned painfully and said,
"If you kick me out of your home,
You’ll have no home to be found."

Still they took him to the pound,
Without first going to the vet,
The puppy entertained them until,
They pulled into the pound,
They dropped him off at the door.

Two months later happily adopted,
The puppy saw his former family,
Sitting on a curb with a sign that said,


Dear readers, I've had some issues in my personal life that make posting often hard, however I'll try to do better. Love always.
Published: 2/20/2013
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