Keep That Smile

I'll get through this. Negativity isn't getting me anywhere. If I keep smiling then I know it'll be ok. Nothing can bother me at this point... I'm too giddy about the future! Hope you like it!
Smiling and truly happy,
Laughing through this mess,
Not letting it bother me,
The future’s too bright.

Knowing I’ll get through this,
No one can touch me now!
What’s there left to miss?
Negativity and hopelessness? No thank you!

I know everything will surely work out,
And I can get away from this stupid drama,
Getting involved in things I know nothing about,
Life has its ups and downs, it’ll only last so long!

The end’s so near, I can feel it!
Only so long before I get there!
Excitement fills me, I can barely sit!
I’m so dang close! So very, very close!

I'll get there, just gotta keep that smile!
Only gotta wait so long before I get there…
And I know it’s definitely worthwhile!
Life finally seems to be falling in place.
Published: 2/9/2012
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