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Kelly Clarkson shot to fame when she won the first season of American Idol in 2002. Her albums 'Thankful' and 'Breakaway' have established her identity in the music industry as one of the most popular pop-rock singer and musicians of today.

Kelly Brianne Clarkson was born in Fort Worth in Texas to Jeanne Ann Rose and Stephen Michael Clarkson. She is the third and the youngest child of her parents. When Kelly was about six years old, her parents split up and her elder brother Jason went to live with her father, and her sister Alyssa went to live with an aunt. Kelly remained with her mother. She and her mother eventually moved to Burleson in Texas, where her mother met and married Jimmy Taylor.

When Kelly was in Burleson High School, a teacher heard her sing in the school corridor and asked her to audition in the school choir. Since that time, Kelly's fate seemed to be pointing her towards where she is in the music industry today. She participated in several school plays and musicals.

Pursuing the Dream

To pursue her musical dream, Kelly Clarkson moved to Los Angeles. To make ends meet, she worked in several jobs - working as an extra on television serials like 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' and 'That 70s Show', working as a cocktail waitress, working at a cinema, telemarketing, and even selling vacuum cleaners door to door. She was also working with song writer, Gerry Goffin, who was her mentor.

Four months after moving to L.A., Kelly's apartment burned down in a fire and she moved back to Texas. But she was not discouraged. She still continued to pursue her dreams.

That is when she decided to audition for American Idol, when many of her friends encouraged her to go for it. She not only got selected from among tens of thousands of other people auditioning for the show, but she also made it to the top 30. All the three judges of the show, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, were impressed with her voice. On September 4th, 2002, Kelly Clarkson won the American Idol show with 58% of the votes of the audience in her favor. She performed the song 'A Moment Like This' with confetti falling about her as she took her place as the winner of the show.

Musical Journey Begins

When she released her first album, 'Thankful' in 2003, it immediately reached the Number One position on the Billboard 200 Charts. However several critics said that the album lacked the freshness that Kelly Clarkson portrayed on the show. Some critics even went on to attribute the success of the album to Kelly's popularity on American Idol. The singles released from this album also did relatively well.

Kelly put all the speculations of these critics to the test when she released her second album 'Breakaway' in 2004. Not only did this album go on to the top of the Billboard Charts, but it also won her two Grammy Awards. The singles released from this album did extremely well on the Billboard, remaining within the top 5 all the time.

Throughout the releases of both her albums, though, all the critics had nothing but praise for her vocal talents and skill. Kelly also writes many of the songs that she sings in her albums.

Kelly Clarkson is now poised for the release of her new album titled 'My December'. All her fans are looking forward to the release of the album.
By Madhavi Ghare
Published: 4/20/2007
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