Kinds of Fish

There are various kinds of fish, but they are mostly divided into freshwater and saltwater fish. Here we give you a list of different breeds of fish both in the sea water and river water. Read on...
Fish are aquatic animals and all varieties of fish are vertebrates, which means that they have backbones. They have two fins on the side of their body and their body is covered with scales. Being cold-blooded, these creatures can't tolerate extreme temperature conditions and their body temperature changes according to surrounding conditions. There are several tropical fish which only live in warm waters while others can live in ice-cold water as well.

As of today there are more than 25,000 different kinds of fish and can be categorized into three main groups - bony, cartilaginous and those without jaws. Some fish have a special sense organ which works like a radar and it is used when they travel through murky or dark waters. Here we not only give you a list of different kinds of deep ocean fish but those found in river water as well.

Kinds of Fish in the Ocean

There are different types of fish which live in the ocean and their size varies a great deal. There are some very small varieties like Angelfish or even smaller than that to large fish like sharks, dolphins and wales. Some of the most common species of fish found in the ocean include

Names of Fish
African Flameback Axelrods clown blenny
Axilspot Hogfish Bandfin cardinalfish
Banggai cardinal fish Bicolor Angelfish
Bicolor blenny Bicolor Foxface Rabbitfish
Bigeye cardinalfish Bignose unicornfish
Blackcap Gramma Blackfin Hogfish
Blackfinned Clownfish Black Striped Angelfish
Black triggerfish Blackbar triggerfish
Blackbelly triggerfish Blackstripe cardinalfish
Black Velvet Angelfish Blackspot Angelfish
Blacktail Angelfish Blue Angelfish
Blueface Angelfish Bluehead Fairy Wrasse
Blue tang surgeonfish Cherub Angelfish
Bluespotted Angelfish Bluespotted triggerfish
Bluethroat triggerfish Boomerang triggerfish
Brazilian Gramma Bridled cardinalfish
Brown Combtooth Blenny Brown surgeonfish
Cherub Angelfish Chestnut eyelash blenny
Chevron tang Chinese trumpetfish
Chocolate surgeonfish Cinnamon Clownfish
Clarkii Clownfish Clown triggerfish
Cockatoo waspfish Comical blenny
Convict surgeonfish Cook's cardinalfish
Coral Beauty Coral Hogfish
Coral Rabbitfish Cortez Angelfish
Cuban Hogfish Desjardin's sailfin tang
Doederlein's cardinalfish Dog toothed cardinalfish
Doubleband surgeonfish Drab sole
Eight Lined Wrasse Elongate surgeonfish
Emperor Angelfish Gray Reef Shark
Eyestriped surgeonfish Exquisite Fairy Wrasse
False cleanerfish Finescale triggerfish
Finespotted Fairy Wrasse Five-lined cardinalfish
Flamefish Flame Angelfish
Foxface Rabbitfish French Angelfish
Gilded triggerfish Golden Angelfish
Goldspotted Rabbitfish Gray Angelfish
Gray unicornfish Great Barrier Reef blenny
Green Chromis Gray triggerfish
Halfback Angelfish Halfmoon picassofish
Halfmoon triggerfish Hartzfeld's cardinalfish
Hogchoker Humpback unicornfish
Indian triggerfish Iridescent cardinalfish
Japanese surgeonfish Keyhole Angelfish
Korean Angelfish arge toothed cardinalfish
Large-scale triggerfish Lemonpeel Angelfish
Leopard blenny Linear blenny
Lined sole Linguado
Live sharksucker Longnose surgeonfish
Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse Lyretail
Hogfish Maroon Clownfish
Magnificent Rabbitfish
Masked Rabbitfish Masked triggerfish
Majestic Angelfish Mango Angelfish
Midnight Angelfish Nalolo
Ocean surgeon Ocean triggerfish
Ocellaris Clownfish
Ochre-striped cardinalfish Onespot Foxface Rabbitfish
Orange Angelfish Orange-lined triggerfish
Orange Skunk Anemonefish Orangeside triggerfish
Orangespine unicornfish Orbiculate cardinalfish
Ornate Wrasse Painted frogfish
Pajama cardinalfish Palette surgeonfish
Passer Angelfish Percula Clownfish
Persian blenny Picasso triggerfish
Pink Skunk Clownfish Pinktail triggerfish
Potter's Angelfish Purplemask angelfish
Queen Angelfish Queen triggerfish
Queensland blenny Red Sea mimic blenny
Redfin Fairy Wrasse Redmargin Fairy Wrasse
Red-speckled blenny Redtail triggerfish
Redtoothed triggerfish Ring-tailed cardinalfish
Royal Gramma Rock Beauty
Rusty Angelfish Saddleback Clownfish
Saddleback Hogfish Saddle Clownfish
Sailfin tang Sargassum triggerfish
Scribbled Angelfish Scott's Fairy Wrasse
Seale's cardinalfish Shaggy angler
Sixbanded Angelfish Skunk Clownfish
Sleek unicornfish Sohal surgeonfish
Spanish Hogfish Social Wrasse
Solor Fairy Wrasse Spotted oceanic triggerfish
Spotted surgeonfish Spotted tang
Spotted Hogfish Stone triggerfish
Striated frogfish Striated surgeonfish
Striped triggerfish Striped-fin surgeonfish
Talbot's blenny Thompson's surgeonfish
Threadfin cardinalfish Titan triggerfish
Tomato Clownfish Tomini surgeonfish
Twospot surgeonfish Twotone tang
Vermiculated Angelfish Virgate Rabbitfish
Warty frogfish Watanabe's Angelfish
Wedge-tail triggerfish Whitetail Pygmy Angelfish
White jawed cardinalfish Whitemargin unicornfish
Wolf Cardinalfish Wolf eel
Wolf fish Yellow tang

These were some of the most common types of saltwater fish, but it's not an exhaustive list and some of the most common fish types may have been left out.

Freshwater Fish Types

Freshwater fish are those which live in water bodies other than the oceans and seas. They are mostly found in lakes and rivers and are found in different terrains ranging from mountain tops to low lying rivers. Some of the most common freshwater fish types include:
  • African Butterfly Cichlid
  • African Knife Fish
  • Agassiz' Dwarf Cichlid
  • Afra Cichlid
  • El Abra Pygmy Swordtail
  • African Butter Catfish
  • Aulonocara Maulana
  • African Snakehead
  • Akar betta fish
  • Argus Fish
  • Azureus Cichlid
  • Albino Cory
  • Asian Arowana
  • Archerfish
  • Aulonocara Benga
  • Arnoldi
  • Australian Pearl Arowana
  • Amiet's Lyretail
  • Burmese Snakehead
  • Bullseye Snakehead
  • Bulldog Pleco
  • Buenos Aires Tetra
  • Bucktoothed Tetra
  • Badis
  • Bala Shark
  • Banded Knife Fish
  • Bangka Snakehead
  • Baram Snakehead
  • Barca Snakehead
  • Batik Loach
  • Banded Bichir
  • Banded Shovelnose Catfish
  • Barred Knife Fish
  • Barred Sorubim
  • Bearded Cory
  • Beauty Mouthbrooder
  • Bengal Danio
  • Bigtooth River Stingray
  • Bishop livebearer
  • Black Arowana
  • Black Banded Leporinus
  • Black Barred Myleus
  • Black Diamond Gold Piranha
  • Blackfinned Snakehead
  • Black Ghost Knife
  • Black Neon Tetra
  • Black Piranha
  • Black Phantom tetra
  • Blackskirt Tetra
  • Bleeding Heart Tetra
  • Benny Tetra
  • Blue Gourami
  • Blue Discus fish
  • Big Eye Mouthbrooder
  • Big Toothed Piranha
  • Black Pacu
  • Black Small Fighter
  • Blind Cavefish
  • Bloodfin Tetra
  • Blotched Snakehead
  • Blue Acara
  • Blue Band Mouthbrooder
  • Blue Convict Cichlid
  • Blue Panda Apisto
  • Bluespotted Snakehead
  • Blyth's Loach
  • Bolivian ram
  • Brandti Piranha
  • Bream
  • Brilliant rasbora
  • Bristlenosed Catfish
  • Brown Betta
  • Brown Discus
  • Cardinal Tetra
  • Catemaco Livebearer
  • Celebes Halfbeak
  • Ceylon Snakehead
  • Chel Snakehead
  • Cherry Barb
  • Chevron Snakehead
  • Chilumba
  • Chinese Snakehead
  • Cinnamon Killifish
  • Clown Barb
  • Clown Killifish
  • Demasoni Cichlid
  • Diamond tetra
  • Dovii Cichlid
  • Double Lipspot Mouthbrooder
  • Duckbill Catfish
  • Dusky Piranha
  • Dwarf Croaking Gourami
  • Dwarf Gourami
  • Dwarf Livebearer
  • Dwarf Loach
  • Electric Blue Hap
  • Electric Catfish
  • Electric Yellow Lab
  • El Quince Swordtail
  • Emperor Snakehead
  • Eureka Cichlid
  • Eyespot Mouthbrooder
  • Fahaka Puffer
  • Father Strohs Mouthbrooder
  • Figure Eight Puffer
  • Firebird Cichlid
  • Firemouth Cichlid
  • Firehead cichlid
  • Flag acara
  • Flagtailed Catfish
  • Flame Tetra
  • Flier Cichlid
  • Forrest Betta
  • German Blue Ram
  • Geryi Piranha
  • Ghost Knife Fish
  • Giant Betta
  • Giant Danio
  • Giant Snakehead
  • Glass Knife Fish
  • Glass catfish
  • Glowlight Tetra
  • Golden Nugget Pleco
  • Golden Snakehead
  • Gold Gourami
  • Gold Mixteco
  • Grant's Peacock cichlid
  • Halfbeak
  • Heller's Cichlid
  • High Backed Pygme Swordtail
  • Highland Platy
  • Highland Swordtail
  • Hikari Danio
  • Hogchoker
  • Holland's Piranha
  • Honey Gourami
  • Indian Glassfish
  • Indonesian Datnoid
  • Inle Snakehead
  • Jack Demspey Cichlid
  • Javan Mouthbrooding Fighting Fish
  • Jelly Bean Tetra
  • Julii Cory
  • Kadango Cichlid
  • Keyhole Cichlid
  • Knife Livebearer
  • Koi Carp
  • Lamp eye tetra
  • Leopard Danio
  • Leopard Cory
  • Leporinus
  • Lesser Bleeding Heart Tetra
  • Lesser Spiny Eel
  • Lyretail Killifish
  • Lyre Tail Pleco
  • Madagascar
  • Rainbowfish
  • Maison's Peacock
  • Malawi Eyebiter
  • Malebo Puffer
  • Marbled Hatchet
  • Marbled Hatchet (profile 2)
  • Marbled Headstander
  • Mbu Puffer
  • Mekong Puffer
  • Neon Tetra
  • New Ediths Mouthbrooder
  • Niger Snakehead
  • Night Snakehead
  • Nijsseni's Dwarf Cichlid
  • Norman's Lampeye
  • Northern
  • Mountain Swordtail
  • Northern Platy
  • Northern Snakehead
  • Ocellated Puffer Fish
  • Ocellated Snakehead
  • Otocinclus
  • Olive Danio
  • One Spot Mouthbrooder
  • Oscar fish
  • Orange Finned Danio
  • Orangespotted Snakehead
  • Ornate Bichir
  • Pacman catfish
  • Panaw Snakehead
  • Panda cory
  • Paradise Fish
  • Pareutropius bueffei
  • Peaceful Betta
  • Peacock Mouthbrooder
  • Pearl Danio
  • Pearl Gourami
  • Penguin Tetra
  • Peppered Corydoras
  • Pepper Tetra
  • Pictus Catfish
  • Pike Livebearer
  • Pike Piranha
  • Rainbow Snakehead
  • Rainbow Shark
  • Red Belly Pacu
  • Redbelly Piranha
  • Red-blotched River Stingray
  • Redbreast acara
  • Red Devil
  • Red Dwarf Rasbora
  • Red Empress Cichlid
  • Red Eye Tetra
  • Red Heckles Discus
  • Red Hook Silver Dollar
  • Red jewel cichlid
  • Reddish Dwarf Fighter
  • Red Port Acara
  • Red Sumatran Fighter
  • Red Tailed Catfish
  • Sabretooth Tetra
  • Sailfin Molly
  • Sailfin Pim
  • San Juan Cory
  • Schallers Mouthbrooder
  • Schwartz's Cory
  • Scissortail
  • Serrated Piranha
  • Serpae Tetra
  • Sheepshead Swordtail
  • Severum
  • Siamese Algae Eater
  • Siamese Fighting Fish
  • Sieve Cichlid
  • Silver Datnoid
  • Silver Dollar (Metynnis hypsauchen)
  • Silver Dollar (Metynnis argenteus)
  • Silver hatchetfish
  • Silver Hemiodopsis
  • Silver Mylossoma
  • Silver Prochilodus
  • Silvertip Tetra
  • Simple Mouthbrooder
  • Simor Fighter
  • Skunk Botia
  • Skunk Cory
  • Slender Betta
  • Slender Hemiodus
  • Slender Pygme Swordtail
  • Small Fin Fighter
  • Smaragd Fighting Fish
  • Smooth Back River Stingray
  • Snakeskin Gourami
  • Spike Tail Platy
  • Splendid Snakehead
  • Spotted Pike Characin
  • Tail Light Tetra
  • T-Bar Cichlid
  • Tenuis Tetra
  • Ten Spotted Livebearer
  • Texas Cichlid
  • Three Lined Cory
  • Thick Lib Gourami
  • Thinbar Datnoid
  • Three lined mouthbrooder
  • Three Spot Tetra
  • Tiger Barb
  • Tiger Botia
  • Tiretrack Eels
  • Tomi Mouthbrooder
  • Tigrinus Catfish
  • Tramitichromis intermedius
  • Tricolor Cichlid
  • Twin Spot Flag Cichlid
  • Turquoise Cichlid
  • Tussys Small Red Fighter
  • Umbie
  • Umbrella Cichlid
  • Upland Swordtail
  • Upside-down Catfish
  • Viejita Apisto
  • Wasers Mouthbrooder
  • Wessel's Cichlid
  • West African Lungfish
  • Western Mosquitofish
  • White Cloud
  • Mountain Minnow
  • White Piranha
  • Widebar Datnoid
  • Wimple Piranha
  • Wine Red Betta
  • Wolf Fish
  • Yellow Acara
  • Yellow King Piranha
  • Yellow Swordtail
  • YoYo Loach (Pakistani Loach)
  • Zebra Danio
  • Zebra Loach
These were some of the pond fish types, besides other freshwater fish. Some of these are a good source of food while others are poisonous. Some of these types of fish, whether they are freshwater or saltwater fish, these can be kept in an aquarium as pets.

From the above list, you can see that there are different kinds of fish, but they can basically be divided into two categories - those living in the seas and oceans and those living in rivers, ponds, etc. Hope this gives you a pretty good idea of the different fish types found all round the world.
By Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
Last Updated: 10/7/2011
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