King of Smiles

Tired of being bullied? Yea?? Well, you gonna love this, it's 2018 the year of NO BULLY, WHO'S WITH ME!! 2k18 Bully Exterminator Plan in full effect, show your support and love guys, and help us end bullying this year.
What's the point of bullying, does it make you feel like a king?
When you strike fear into the hearts of those around you,
Does it make you feel more like a man?
When you push people smaller than you around,
I just can't understand why people make others suffer,
I'd rather be the king the people, look up to with a smile on their face,
Than a king who strikes nothing but fear,
I would hate to see anyone with a single tear in their eyes,
I'd rather rule the world with something as simple as respect.

There's no point in striking fear inside everyone's heart,
I always grew up being told to treat people,
The way you want to be treated,
Yet the biggest enemy that we all share,
Is the tyrant who runs the school,
None of us can seem to conquer,
It's a problem that's been with us since the dawn of time.

But just know you guys aren't alone,
There's many out there, just like you including me,
And if we all stick together,
Just maybe...
Just maybe...
Just maybe...
There will be a glimmer of hope.

If we all stand together,
We can light up this darkened world,
So don't run, don't hide,
Pave the new future with us,
I just want to rule the world with nothing but a smile,
And I never want to see tear on anyone's face ever again.

If you ever feel lost and let down,
You ever feel alone,
Just come to me and I'll stand by your side,
We could form an army together,
No one could ever defeat us,
Next time you feel alone,
Read this little poem,
And just know you always have a home,
With the rest of us Black Sheep,
So lay down tonight with a smile and sleep.
Published: 1/4/2018
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