Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me To Sleep

Every morning I wake up and I want to cry
Each time I see the sunrise,
Something inside me dies slowly
Every morning I cry a little more.

Wish I could just close my eyes and never wake
Everyday I am denied
Each moment my breath pains me
Each time I laugh, I smile I am just lying.

Can nobody see the pain I am in
These songs I sing are just another escape
These tears are not of joy nor of love
Love has been mine
Love has never mine.

Barely holding on to this life
Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep
For I don’t want to wake up and see you
I hate that smile and the look you give
Like you know something that I do not.

For your laughter seems to be sorrow
My tears are your joy
For each moment I still walk this earth, I will never be free
Each time I sleep I hope to never wake.

But each time death has been out of my grip
For life is a curse, a deep sorrow for me
It would be easy just to sleep and never wake
But I must continue this sorrow because you will never let me go
I let you go, why can't you let me.
Published: 7/22/2011
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