Kiss Of Life

Breaking up can be very painful, but it can also bring relief.
I opened up my body,
And pulled out my heart,
I brandished it in front of you,
Then threw it at your feet,
You watched as my blood spilled,
All over the dirt,
I sacrificed myself to you,
But still it's not enough.

What more do you want from me,
Let me know the truth,
I have given you everything,
Everything I have,
Now I watch as you walk away,
Without so much as a sigh,
And I fall to my knees and weep,
So much I want to die.

Kill me, why don't you,
And then kill me again,
Then give me the kiss of life,
To take away the pain,
It won't make any difference,
If you come home or stay away,
Your lies will always haunt me,
I can't believe a word you say.

Our being together,
Is based loosely on a sham,
Our love is just a mockery,
It's all washed out and worn,
It criticizes everything,
That love should represent,
I'm too tired and weary to shout,
Bickering words of argument.

So let me retrieve my heart,
From the dirt in which it lies,
Then we can go our separate ways,
And get on with our lives,
And forget about the past we had,
That's all dead and gone,
The black veil of death is lifting,
There's no more time to mourn.

I see the rainbows expose themselves,
As the sun begins to shine,
With you far gone, out of my head,
I'm beginning to feel alive,
All those empty wasted years,
When you put me through hell,
Are all just yesterday's nightmares,
Now you're gone, I've broke the spell.

So if in the near future,
You should think of me,
And a tear rolls down from your eye,
And your heart begins to bleed,
And your soul longs for yesterday,
To take away the pain,
Don't ask me for the kiss of life,
You only have yourself to blame.
Published: 6/28/2010
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