Kiss or Kill? (1)

Random story from the top of my mind. Feel free to comment for next chapter.
"I have a secret."

Her words echoed around my bedroom walls in a hushed whisper. The room was dark and I barely saw her face, which looked like a dark patch of shadow. Her hair fell in long waves like a black waterfall. I could make out the intensity of her green eyes as they bore into my own tired pair.

"What is it?" I murmured as I rubbed my eyes. I wiped away some of the goo from the corner of my eyes. Who doesn't love eye snot?

"I did something..." She began, but her voice quickly died away. I found myself yawning loudly, elaborately, to hint that I didn't have time for her weirdness. Not tonight. She must have sensed my impatience as she quickly stammered on, "I-I... I did... b-bad things... Horrible..."

"Get to the point," I snapped. My voice was harsher than I intended it to be. I saw her body flinch in the darkness of the night. I bit my lip and controlled my breathing before I spoke up again. "Look, I don't have time to play any guessing games. Just tell me how it is."

"Well..." She started, but her voice was already trailing away. I felt an inward frustration. If she did this one more time, I'm going to bounce straight back to sleep. Thankfully, she continued to speak in her low, raspy voice. "To save the world... from evil... I had to do something. Make a sacrifice," she explained with a gulp.

"Oh, lord!" I cried out in exasperation. This time, I snapped at her intentionally. "Do you realize that it's a school night? If I wake up late tomorrow and miss the bus, you're getting a nice, red handprint on your pretty, little face. It will be red as fresh raw meat, take my word."

I could see her green eyes widen with a look I couldn't decipher.

"But..." She whispered.

"Just shut up!" I barked. "I don't wanna hear any of this 'evil-world-is-gonna-end' nonsense. I don't have time to listen to you as you buzz on about sacrificing some dumb, old toys or teddy bears. Save your breath for someone who believes in your voodoo crap."

"But... You need to know this..." She continued hopelessly.

At this point, I leaned closer to her to match her eyes with my scorn. The moonlight was streaming in through the window and I could see her face clearer. Her eyes were shining greener than ever, seeming like emerald crystals, as a result of her tears. Her thin, pink lips were trembling and her snow-white complexion stood in contrast to the utter blackness of my bedroom. The temperature had fallen over the past few nights and I could see little puffs of clouds escaping from her mouth.

"I sacrificed you," she whispered. She closed her eyes.

At that time, I didn't believe her. Maybe it was the work of coincidence or maybe she planned for my death, whatever it was, I had a week left to live.
Published: 2/4/2015
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