Kiss or Kill? (2)

Warning: This is very explicit and has mature content. Please, if you're a sensitive reader, click away now.
Five Years Ago...

"What the fuck did you do to your hair?!" A deep man's voice thundered around the silent, barely empty room. His words leaned down heavily on the little, shaky girl who was cornered against the dull, gray wall.

The little girl, who was no older than twelve, kept her emerald-green eyes glued to the dirty carpet. Her chest rose up and down with the weight of her heavy breathing. A man, who was double her size, had trapped her between his hairy arms against the bedroom wall.

The man's blazing-green eyes, alight with rage, scorched through the little girl's wet hair dripping with thick, black substance. Her scalp had turned into a startling, purplish-pink color, oddly resembling the color of a newborn baby.

"Why did you dye your fucking hair?" The man boomed at her, as he squeezed wet strands of the little girl's black hair into his big fist. He pulled her closer to him, his mouth curled up into a snarl. The little girl flinched and shut her beautiful eyes, turning her face away from him.

The little girl used to have blonde hair, just like the man. She had his wide, ambiguous eyes and his paper-white complexion. Now she had dyed her hair black, the same color as her late mother's hair.

"Leila!" Her father snapped at her. "Answer me now. Why did you dye your hair, you little bitch?"

Leila Killoran was the little girl's name. Her mother was half-Indian, quarter-Jamaican and quarter-Irish, in comparison to her father who was a full-blown British white man. Her mother decided on Leila's first name, which means 'night' and 'dark-beauty', whereas her father chose her surname, not wanting Leila to carry his last name 'Jones'.

Lords knows what Killoran means.

"You think this is funny?" The man hissed as he scrunched up his daughter's hair into his fist. Leila's blood risen to her face, the pain flashing in her miserable eyes as tears pricked her long eyelashes like small diamonds.

When Leila said nothing, he roared in her face. "I said, do you think this is funny? Do I amuse you?!" By now, he was quivering with anger. His own face had turned a deep red shade and his nostrils were wide as he puffed like a furious dragon. He spat out the next words. "You have thirty seconds to explain yourself, other else I'll hurt you."

Leila shut her eyes once more.

It's hard to think that there was a time they were a normal family. Her father used to work hard as an electrical engineer and her mother worked equally hard as a chemist. Leila led a happy, comfortable lifestyle. It wasn't perfect and she had her bad days, but it was better than all the crap she had to put up with after her mother's death. Ever since Leila's mother died of lung cancer, Leila was left alone with her father. To the outside world, they appeared to be coping with the absence of her mother. This was far from the case.

Leila's father shortly lost his job because he couldn't concentrate or get any of his work done. His wife's death must have preoccupied his mind or maybe he gave up on trying to live his life. Whatever the case was, he gained extra pounds and lazed about in the sofa all day, destroying his kidneys and lungs with coffees, teas, alcohol, beer and fizzy drinks. He smoked nonstop because his wife's death didn't teach him anything about lung cancer and he constantly added three spoonfuls of sugar to everything he ate, which led to him being (unsurprisingly) diagnosed with diabetes. The doctors also informed him that he was showing early signs of atherosclerosis (which is basically when his arteries form 'plaques' and become hardened, narrow, blocked or rigid, which eventually lead to blood clots).

Leila's father did not care. He was slowly killing himself. There was nothing Leila could say or do to stop him or help him in any way. She tried talking to him several times in the past, but it was useless. Leila could not communicate with her father at all and her father knew nothing about his daughter. They were both strangers to each other, joined only together by her mother. There was always an awkward, heavy silence in the room when they were together. One of them usually ended up going to another room or leaving the house, just to pull away from the ice.

As the time dragged on, Leila watched the bills pile up. One day, when Leila was cleaning the computer desk, she saw a letter half-opened and neglected to the side. She read that the letter was addressed to her father, from an unfamiliar organization, warning him that he had to pay his bills soon or else they will prosecute him in court. Leila's eyes widened in panic when she saw that the interest rate had increased from £200 to £1000 during the course of time. Leila could hear hushed conversations among her aunties when they came over to visit. She could hear words that scared her - words like 'homeless', 'social workers' and 'imprisonment'.

Somehow, her father had managed to get by during this difficult time. Somehow, he miraculously paid off the bills and continued to purchase his expensive drinks and huge packets of cigarettes. For a while, Leila was obliviously content with her life. That is until her father had strange men turn up in their house, late at night, where they would crowd around the small living room and discuss business matters. These strange men were always shady and some of them had a horrible habit of leering at Leila. One man, a chubby one in particular, always stared at her little, round butt.

Eventually, Leila suspected that her father was involved in some type of illegal activities. It didn't take him long to drag her into his criminal ways. One of which is letting his 'business partners' play with his daughter in exchange for solid cash. The chubby man who loved to stare at her ass took his daughter's virginity, fifteen days after her non-celebrated birthday.

"You ungrateful, little, stupid bitch!" Her father exclaimed. He slapped the little girl across her tear-stained, rosy face.

Suddenly, Leila was back in her small bedroom again. She was still trapped against the hard wall, her spine was shooting with pain. Her left cheek was stinging in intense agony. She choked back a sob.

Her father continued vehemently, "It's time to teach you a lesson."

With that, he slowly lifted her top, his eyes shining menacingly as he did so. Leila shut her eyes for the last time.


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Published: 2/7/2015
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