Kiss or Kill? (4)

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Leila Killoran was raped six times by her father at the age of thirteen. One day, I recorded him sexually abusing her while I was hiding under her single bed in her dreary bedroom. I sent the video recording to the local police station and her father was sentenced to prison for ten years.

The court did not know what to do with Leila as there was no one in her family line that was prepared to take care of her. Her mother was dead, her father was thrown to jail and the rest of her family was scattered all over the world. The only other option left was to put her into a care home. Shortly after, I managed to convince my parents to adopt her and welcome her into our family.

At first glance, anyone would think we were a normal family. There's my father, my mother, my brother, Nathan and my adopted sister and me. However, 'normal' is not the word I would personally use to describe us.

You see, my father was actually born a woman. Then he got a sex change. He had to take male hormones for a long part of his life and overtime he saved up enough money to get an artificial male organ. He fell in love with my mother, who was actually his cousin. My mother loved him too, despite him being her family relative who is also a transgender.

As you can imagine, my aunties and uncles and grandparents were not too happy with their love for each other. They tried to separate them for a long time, but it was useless. My parents were too deeply in love and there was nothing anyone could do to change that.

So my parents got disowned by the rest of the family and they moved away from America to come all the way here in England, where they could rebuild their lives. During this time span, my mother was six months pregnant with me.

In biological terms, my 'real' father would be another man who goes by the name Steven Michaelson. The only thing I know about him is that he was a sperm donor.

After three years, my brother Nathan was born too. He is fourteen now and a couple of months ago, he announced he was gay. We simply shrugged it off and accepted him for who he was.

Then there's Leila who was adopted five years ago. Originally, she had been my best friend. Now she's my sister too. She became interested in witchcraft after she found out that her mother was a 'white witch.' Leila heard her father admitting this over the phone to someone, presumably one of her aunts. He also mentioned that Leila's mother had changed her religion from Buddhism and became a 'Wiccan.'

Ever since that fateful day, it's like a spell had been cast on Leila. She spent ages pouring over streams of information about white witches and how their speciality was to heal people using 'pure magic' - whatever that was.

"White witches are different from black witches," she explained to me one day. "White witches are good, whereas black witches tend to use evil sources of magic, such as black magic."

Leila set a mission for herself after the death of her mother. She wanted to save the world. According to her, there were demons that were escaping from 'the other side' because more and more people were inviting them into this world.

"Mostly teenagers are bringing them in," Leila explained to me. "Most teenagers tend to mess around with black magic. They don't take it seriously. Some of them even get together to talk to the spirits using the Ouija board or they play the Midnight Man game, along with many other urban legends they hear about. They think these so-called games are harmless, but they don't realize the demons that are crawling out."

Lastly, in my family, there is me. My name is Jon. It's a weird name for a girl, but I like it. I'm the closest thing you can get to normal, if you take away the fact that I like to eat sugar ants.

Yes. I'm obsessed with sugar ants. I like to suck their sweet, blood dry, and cook them upon a fire. However, I'm slowly getting better with my obsession. I haven't eaten a sugar ant in the past week.

"Tomorrow is Monday," Leila told me in the morning. I raised an eyebrow at her.

"So what?" I asked her, moodily. My head was throbbing in pain. I didn't get much sleep last night.

"So... your sacrifice begins tomorrow. Please make the most of your time," she whispered to me.

"Just shut up about that, would you?!" I snapped at her. Later on that night, precisely as the clock stroke for midnight, I found myself running to bathroom where I threw up in the sink.

I rarely vomit.

I thought about what Leila told me in the morning. If what she said is true, my sacrificial time began now. I had approximately 168 hours left before I died.

The only thought, I could muster in my confused state of mind was - why me? After all I'd done for her! I rescued her from her malicious father. I convinced my parents to accept her in our home. I made her my family.

She could have sacrificed anyone. Maybe her enemy or someone she didn't care about.

But no. She chose me.

Just why did she choose me?


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Published: 3/2/2015
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