Kiss With Respect

Give respect and take respect.
John and Julie were studying in a same college. They both became good friends on Facebook and one day they expressed their love for each other. After that John and Julie started meeting in a park every Wednesday and kissed each other.

Once they both met in a park as usual, John asked Julie, "Hey idiot, kiss me."
Julie refused.

John said, "Don't act too much for a simple kiss."
Julie then said, "Oh... Do you think that a kiss is simple? Can you get a kiss so easily?"
John, "Yeah, of course."
Julie, "Ok then. Let's have a bet. Get a single kiss from at least one of the following girls and show me the picture. The girls you kiss should be one of the below,
1. A college professor (or)
2. A prostitute (or)
3. Your mother.

If you get a kiss at least from anyone, I'll kiss you when you need it. If not, you should hear my words."

John, "Sure. I'm ready for it."

Saying that, John and Julie left the park.


The next day John went to college. At evening, college professor was distributing test papers and John got the lowest mark. So the professor asked John to wait for sometime after all the students dispersed.

Professor scolded him for his lowest total. After that, John asked, "Mam... I need a kiss."

Professor questioned him, "What? Have you gotten the highest total to kiss you?"

John requested, "Mam... Please."

Professor yelled at him, "Get out I say!"

John cried and went out of the classroom.

Then he went to the prostitute area to ask a prostitute to kiss him. He saw a group of prostitutes and then he asked anyone of them to kiss him. They refused and asked for money for even a single kiss, so he silently left that place too.

Finally he went to his mom and asked her to kiss him. She said that she will kiss him only if he had done any achievement. Since he had not done any achievement, he left the third place with a failure.

After that John went to meet Julie, he said that he didn't get even a single kiss from the options she had given and he failed.

She replied, "Now you understood, a kiss is not simple and is a costliest one. So only the girlfriends can help boys to give kisses. So you should give respect and take respect."

John then pleaded, "I request you to please kiss me!"


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Published: 4/15/2014
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