The Illusion - Preview

"Only seven characters left and no one is innocent." I got an idea for a book. Let me know what you think about this murder mystery following Klara Gritts during a summer, after the strange death of Irene Hernandez.
Dear Readers,

I am testing this idea out on you guys. Just give me a 'yes' or 'no' or some feedback... please. I'm really interested in this new idea I have. This is a SNEAK PEEK. This isn't a chapter. This is a preview.

I understand that some of you go onto iBuzzle and look for my stories, some specifically and some read anything I post. Yes, I did indeed try a 3-story policy and it worked for a while. However, I get really excited about ideas and try them out on here to see how they go. Some are a train wreck and some are great successes.

I also hope you guys understand that I do have a life outside this website. Shocker, I know. But I have a job, school, friends, family, and other things to concern myself with. Yes, I am also human and get writer's block. I just hope you guys give a little grace because I've been trying to give you guys great stories for 3 ½ years.

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek/preview. I wrote it in third person so it isn't like my normal chapters. Let me know what you think.

Thank you


The Illusion - Preview

First day of school was one of the hottest days, however the heat would only rise throughout the days. The air was thick with humidity and everything you touched was smoldering. Almost all the students of Westwood High are found at Scoops, a small ice cream shop and diner found at the corner of East 3rd and Main. In this particular diner, you will see our main character, Klara Gritts, sipping a vanilla shake accompanied by her best friend, Tracy Michelson, who was leaning over a copy of To Kill A Mocking Bird.

At this same diner, one could observe the tension shifting between Klara Gritts and Jackson Walker, who sat across the room from each other. Hanging off Jackson Walker is his girlfriend of three years, Lillian Scott, the mayor's daughter. Lillian knows nothing of Jackson and Klara's troubling past that makes each other's presence so bittersweet. However, little does Jackson know that his girlfriend is playing footsie with his best friend, Tanner Adams under the table.

Attention seeker, Irene Hernandez, was squeezing in the booth with them. She complimented Lillian's hair and Jackson's recent play in the soccer game, not knowing she was doing no good. Miriam Clark would roll her eyes every few minutes, thinking it was her duty as Lillian's best friend to judge people who sucked up Lillian for being the most popular girl at Westwood High.

Just then there was a ring of a bell, indicating a new customer. Not just a new customer, a new member in the Westwood Community. All eyes were watching Ricky Parker entering Scoops. In Klara's opinion, Ricky looked like James Dean in torn jeans and a faded t-shirt with his hair slicked back and a flawless pretty boy face. Ricky Parker would be spending his last year of high school at his grandmothers, moving to Westwood for some mysterious reason. After one great look around the room, Ricky's eyes land on Klara's. She doesn't look away like so many of her classmates did when their gazes met. After a very particular look from his face, he grabs his drink from the counter and exits the diner after being the talk of the town.

While this first day of summer may be full of cold, refreshing ice cream and sometime pool side, the summer had just begun for Westwood when the next morning Irene Hernandez would be found murdered in her bedroom. Question is who murdered Irene Hernandez?

Only seven characters left and no one is innocent.


Create a book following this guideline or no? Please do the poll and comment! It's a little bit of a different idea than I normally do.
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Published: 7/5/2013
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