Lamentations: A Girl with Depression (Chapter One)

The Girl has a name, does she?
I live in a city that never sleeps. Like literally - it never sleeps. The same volume of activity that you find in the daytime, you will find at 3 am.

The only time that you will find a change in pace is at 5 pm. All families and day workers have a curfew - we are to be safely locked in our houses by 5 pm, if you deviate from this, you stand to die. Well, not really. They arrest you but sentences in this city range from a minimum of life imprisonment to a certain certifiable death. So either way, you are going to die.

"Katie, supper is ready!"

I hate it when she calls me that! My name is not Katie! My name is - whoops, I almost told you.

I can never share my name with anyone, or else they'll have unlimited power over me. The only one who can know my real name is my agent. An agent is a complicated being - devastatingly handsome with killer instincts. They breed with the night people, those are the people who populate our streets from 5 pm to 6 am. They are the one's you'll see out in the streets at 3 am, looking busy and all.

I'm one of them you see. My family thinks I'm a day citizen but they don't know that I have the mark. I am a child of the Night.

Today is the 11th of December 2013, the day before I break out of this ordinary hellhole.
Published: 12/11/2013
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