Lamentations: A Girl with Depression (Chapter Two)

The escape...
I didn't breakout as promised, I was too depressed. I could hardly leave my bed. My parrot had died, well he belonged to myself and my brother but still... Bobby was dead.

My mind immediately ran back to all the memories I had shared with my feathered companion and it brought back the worst one of all. My Show and Tell in 3rd Grade. A group of boys had snatched my bird from me and locked me up in the storeroom.

Humiliation is the story of my life. I cannot escape it, no matter where I go. I always console myself with the suggestion that Day People are so wonderfully stupid.

Today is the 16th of December 2013. I've been awake all along, I finally slept yesterday. These are the lamentations of a girl with depression.

*Note to Self: Next time plan to escape at a time when nothing has died - it's the only method to your success.
Published: 12/17/2013
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