Land of Nevermore

A fantasy of sorts.
Yet, though I hear the breath of whispered superstition,
I shall never fear the night, where shadows merge in unison,
Where the unseen sound enchants a nerve to jump out of the skin.
I shall walk on through the darkness, and fear none but a man!

I say poppycock to phantoms, wraiths, ghosts and ghouls,
I never did believe in vampires, nor did I, in werewolves,
Garlic and silver are mere tokens to terror's scowl,
Fear, in it's mockery, ridicules the tormented soul!

The demons, in their majesty, are merely nature's right of birth,
Survival of the fittest can cause the wildlife to stir,
A moment's hesitation, the variance between life and death,
Willo-the-wisps' orbital globes, are merely nature's parting breaths!

While in the land of make-believe, dragons roam the skies,
While magic elves, with pixie dust, take fairies for their wives,
Where rainbows stretch from shore to shore and chivalry is king.
The fertility of imagination shall stand up to anything!

Reality is harsh, it seems, sometimes too hard to render,
So we hide away in Neverland, all reality is surrendered,
To build ourselves a house of cards, or a castle in the sky,
Until reality brings us back to earth with an urgent will to die!

Heaven is only a novelty, a commodity to sell,
The hardcore sale of arrogance, pay up or go to Hell.
Fear is spread by ignorance, a concubine to power,
It intimidates the mortal soul to serve the witching hour!

There is nothing to fear out there, you are as one with cosmic truth,
Life and death are the same thing and the only God is you.
There is no need to feel wrath in this land of Nevermore.
So welcome death into your heart and let your spirit soar!
Published: 2/18/2012
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