Lap Of Loneliness

A poem of grieving love.
Ever since you left, I've searched high and low,
But I never seem to find what I'm looking for,
I've sailed the seven seas,
For my soul to be released,
But I fear it will be imprisoned forevermore.

I used to be contented with my realm,
I felt safe and secure within your arms,
I lived my life for you,
Sold all my love to you,
But he took you and you left me with your scorn.

I lie here wide awake with open eyes,
I cannot face these restless, sleepless nights,
My body shakes with cold,
As I lay here growing old,
And the madness of loneliness fills my mind.

The messenger I sent out to look for you,
Has searched in vain, he hasn't got a clue,
I hang my head in shame,
I only have myself to blame,
I let you cast the spell that left me blue.

So now I search the valley of the damned,
To break the magic spell that cast me down,
I need a magic potion,
To rid me of the poison,
That pumps into my heart leaving me forlorn.

You know that if you call, I'll take you back,
Maybe then you can disperse my clouds of black,
And hand me back my soul,
To release me from this cold,
To relieve me from the lap of loneliness's trap.

Published: 7/14/2010
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