Last Chance - Chapter 2

Chapter two of Last chance!
He looks at me with his eyes wide and big, "Alright it was just a thought," his head goes down staring at the floor.

I take a deep breath, "Anyway I was about to go to a friend's house". I get up, "Thanks for stopping by daddy I really missed you." I smile. I hear him chuckle deep and low, "Alright then I'm going to visit your mother in the retirement home."

I lead him to the door, he hugs me tight whispering goodbye. I give him a half-smile and close the door. I quickly walk take my purse on the table and leave out the door. The black Lexus was shining in the strong sweltering sun, I get in and start driving.

The quaint little house around the corner was right near the big house with a huge staircase and red cherry Ferrari in the garage. I knew right away that was Kim’s house, I slam the car door and ring the doorbell it made a huge ring that echoed inside the house.

A tall woman with white hair opens the door, "Yes, can we help you darling?" She had a strong country accent. "Yes, does Kim live here?" There was a moment of silence, "KIM! There's a guest for you!" Faintly I hear Kim scream, "Coming!" Running down the staircase she stops and sees me, "ELIZA!!" She starts running toward me and slams into me with a big hug.

I chuckle, "Hi Kim, I'm glad to see you too," she pulls me from the hug, both hands on my shoulders, "I got so much to tell you, come in!" She grins.

Her red hair had grown up to her waist and she had bangs with little black highlights, she had on a light pink lipstick with deep black long eyelashes.

We run up to her room which had red curtains, a queen sized bed and a desk with a Mac laptop.

I chuckle to myself; her eyes move to me, "What’s so funny?"

"I never knew you were rich. I thought you lived in an apartment," she laughs, "I'm not staying here for long. I'm getting my Masters in mathematics, I got a job offering in New York, once I get my Masters this place can kiss my small little bottom," she winks and falls on her bed.
Published: 10/5/2011
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