Last Chance - Chapter 4

Eliza is going to America to escape.
There I go again packing up running away to another place to be safe, but it wasn't safe. The guilt was taking over me, I keep repeating in my head it was my fault; it was my fault, IT WAS MY FAULT! I shake my head trying to stop the voice in my head.

I close my suitcase, take the keys from the counter table and walk out the door. I see daddy standing in the driveway waiting for me, I walk down the small staircase, "Hi," I whisper. He takes the suitcase from my hand and walks to the car trunk. I open the car door and get in, the car was warm, I look out the window the night was dark and the only light was seen was by the street lamps. Dad gets into the car, "Buckle up," I hear him start the car and we get out the driveway and to the airport. The highway was empty just a few passing of cars, my chest felt heavy I couldn't breathe I couldn't blink I open my mouth to say, "Are you ok?" But I quickly close my mouth because who could be ok ever, what was I even doing to be with my father to put him in danger too but where else can I go?

I look at my father his eyes on the road but his hands shaking. "We're here," he stops the car. I get out; the cold air punches my cheek. "I'm going to get the bags, you go inside alright," he says and I nod. I walk inside, the only sound was my heels clicking on the marble floor, a few people reading magazines or sleeping, I sit down next to a girl with chestnut-brown hair and with pale skin and dark brown eyes.

I rub my hands to become warm, "Cold isn't it?" The girl said. She had a strong British accent. I smile, "Yeah, to cold for autumn." She chuckles putting her hand out, "My name's Nichole Welkins and yours?" I shake her hand, "My name is Eliza Angel, where are you going?" Her eyes suddenly become very cold, biting her lips, "Um... America for business reasons you?"

"Yeah I'm going to America also, but for family reasons." I hear my dad, "Come on, we have to the board the plane." She and I both get up, "Nice meeting you, maybe we'll see each other in America." She smiles and walks away. Her smile gave an eerie cold feeling like she was she sure we would meet again. "I'm coming."

We get on the plane and there was I sitting looking out the window seeing the sun peek through the clouds. Away from England and off we go to America.

(8 hours later) I wake up jumping to the sound of a person talking, "Hello everyone, hope your flight was good... welcome to America. Please wait a few minutes we will give you the signal to unbuckle your seats. Thanks for flying with America Airlines, we hope to see again soon."
Published: 11/7/2011
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