Last Chance - Chapter 5

Another new chapter.
I look out the small window, here I was in a strange new country trying to run away from my problems, but I can't. I can never walk away from my problems, because as I see my light reflection on the window, I knew I was the problem.

"Darling are you awake?" I feel my dad nudge my shoulder. I turn my head slightly and reply with a "Yup".

In way front, I see the girl from before. Nichole she looked really familiar. Suddenly I see her head turn to me, her eyes hit mine. She clenches her teeth and gets up walking to the bathroom.

"Ok come on, we’re getting off." I unbuckle my seat belt and get my suitcase and off we walk down the small cramped aisle. We go down the escalator and I see a sign "Angels" with a smiley face on the side, the one who was holding the sign was a tall tan blond hair lady with red lipstick and glittery blue eye shadow.

She sees us and starts waving frantically. I hear her squeal, "Jack! My sweetie I missed you!" She runs up to dad and hugs him hard then giving him a big smooch on the lips.

She was faking, trying to make me feel welcome, hoping I’ll take her in as my mother since my real mother died, bitch. Her eyes moved to me "Elizabeth, darling how are you?" She runs up to me hugging me. I just hold my arms straight not trying to touch her.

I mumble, "It's Eliza…", she takes back a step back. "Oh…I didn’t know that sorry darling." Father takes her hand and whispers loud enough to hear, "She had a long flight, she tired and hungry…." she nods and makes a nervous smile.

"Ok well, let's go, a limo is waiting for you in the front come guys." She quickly walks with her tall heels click-clacking on the hard floor. As we start walking to my side, I see Nichole walking straight in her dark black tight skirt barely giving her any room to walk, but right on the side under her was something black and shiny, it looked like a gun.

My eyes open wide, there had to be an explanation for this or she was one of the killers. I feel my hands start to shake, "Will, come on, let's go. I'm hungry." I start walking fast catching up to Christiana. "Wow! What’s the hurry, we have time." I hear dad say chuckling. "Well, you know indigestion…hunger…um…you know food…" I quickly say.

"Alright calm down, I see the limo." We go out the door and the cold air stings my bare hands. It was loud outside car honking, people screaming on sidewalks, holding out shirts that say, 'I Love New York'. Stores lined up some closed, some still open. I look up at the sky but all I see is the tall buildings surrounding us.

Now I knew, I wasn’t in England anymore. The night seemed so alive people walking, talking on cell phones. "Wow," I whisper under my breath, I look at my dad. He’s smiling, "Welcome to New York, the Big Apple." He gestures me to open car door; I get in still looking outside.

Dad and Christina get in, she taps the black glass, "go" and car starts up and right when the car start moving away, I see Nichole standing by the door looking at me, she waves mouthing the word "bye" and we drive away.
Published: 11/18/2011
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