Last Chance - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of Last Chance...
I take deep breaths, "Well… just…I…" I shake my head, and look at him and smile. The night was loud, cars honking, people screaming. But sitting here with James, It was like everything froze and it was just me and him.

"Oh!" I finally remember, "There is some girl following me and she has a gun…" He gives my hand a squeeze, "Is her name Nichole?" I frown, "Yeah… how did you know?"

"She’s..." Before he could finish, there was man's voice behind us.

"I found you, stupid piece of shit," we both turn around and there was a tall man with scars on his face, he looked familiar. He starts laughing, "You don’t remember me, huh?" We both look at him like he was crazy.

"There is a shelter 2 streets back." James says. "Shut up you prick," says the man. James gets up, "What’s your problem man?!" The man reaches into his pocket taking out a gun.

"You don’t remember me huh!!" He starts laughing like crazy. I didn’t understand what was going on; I also get up standing behind James.

The man eyes looks at me and softly says, "Don’t you remember me, Eliza?" I open my eyes wide, "How do you know my name!?" The man shakes his head and tear rolls down his face, looking back at James.

"You fucking asshole, it was your entire fault and I’m here for payback, it was because of you I couldn’t walk for 6 months. 6!!! Maybe this will trigger your memory!" I hear the gun click.

James backs up, "What the fuck!" James screams. The man’s hands shake, "That night when you left me for dead, I swore I would come back and kill you and hope that you would rot in hell, where you belong!"

I look down on the ground trying to remember all the people from that night that was alive. I gasp slowly walking up to the man, "What are you doing Eliza! Back away from him." James screams.

I stand in front of the man stuttering "T… T… Troy?" Many tears start rolling down his dirty cheeks leaving streak marks. "Troy… please don’t do this." He keeps looking at me, his nostrils flare up.

"NO..." His shaking hand slowly comes near the trigger, "Don’t, stop Troy!" He looks back at me, "I’m sorry Eliza," and he points the gun to me.
Published: 1/17/2012
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