Last Chances - Chapter 11

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*Josh's POV*

I watch as Cameron makes her breakfast and gets Mom's coffee ready. She's humming a song as she works and I smile, my mind flashing back to two years ago. I haven't heard Cameron hum a song let alone sing in God knows how long.

My baby sister's coming back. I'm not going to be able to thank her friends enough. Whatever it is that they're doing, it's working.

Especially Daniel.

I can't figure him out but I'm pretty sure Cameron helped him some way. He looks at her in such a... caring way. Caring is putting it lightly actually.

When I'd pestered Cam for details earlier, she'd just shrugged.
"It's his secret Josh. His Dad and twin brother died two years ago and life's been difficult for him. I can't tell you how, but he's a great guy. And I have a feeling he's starting to improve."

So that made it clear that -
A) Cameron helped him in a way and he trusts her enough to let her in and
B) She just thinks of him as a friend.
What he thinks of her, I have yet to find out.

As Cameron turns around, I quickly drop my eyes, not wanting her to see me watching. She might stop then and I've missed her singing more than I ever imagined.

"Daniel!" I call as I see him walking across the school parking lot.
Kyle glances at me as he grabs his bag. "What's wrong?"
I shake my head, "Nothing. That's the guy my sister's hanging out with."
"Oh," he turns and looks in the direction.
As we get near him, I try to bite back my grin. I don't know when Cameron and her unwanted entourage of guys started becoming so amusing to me.

"Hi!" He smiles, glancing at Kyle. "You must be Kyle."
My friend nods, "Yeah. And you Daniel. How did you know?"
He shrugs, "One thing Cameron enjoys talking about is her brother and his best friend. Or her two brothers."
"Oh." Kyle just nods.
"So what's up?" I ask as we turn and start walking toward the school.
"Nothing. Is everything alright?" His eyes dart around and I hold back a smile."Where's Cameron?"
"Her friends picked her up this morning."
Daniel nods, "Ready for the big game? It's this weekend right?"
"Yup. You coming?"

From his other side, I can see Kyle studying Daniel. It is SO obvious that Kyle likes my little sister. He gets jealous so easily when it comes to her hanging out with Daniel or even Dylan, even though he knows she doesn't like him like that and thinks of him as a brother.

"I don't know."
"Cameron and her friends are coming," I say, wanting to see his reaction.
"Of course she'd go to her brothers' game."
"So I'll see you on Saturday?"
"I dunno man. If I don't have any other plans I'll come."
"Okay. See you around!"
"Good luck."
Grabbing Kyle, I pull him toward our lockers as the bell rings.


*Cameron's POV*

How can Daniel be so sure I won't turn out like that? It's been bugging me all weekend, his words playing in my mind insistently.

"So it's alright if your friends drop you to school, but it isn't if it's me."
Pulling my books out of my locker, I turn around to see Daniel standing behind me, with a hurt expression.
"I didn't know they were going to give me a ride. They just turned up and Josh insisted I go. I didn't plan it."
He just nods, not meeting my eyes and sighing, I step up closer to him.
"Honest. If they'd asked I'd have said 'no' because I said 'no' to you."
"It's alright," he shrugs, "whatever."
"Do you want to be late for class?" He asks, turning his eyes towards mine for the first time. I gulp, my mouth going dry as I read his expression. He's really upset. I quietly walk beside him as he drops me off at my class. I don't know why he's even doing it if he's angry with me.

I reach out, my fingers curling around his leather jacket as I tug at his arm, "Daniel, I'm sorry."
He turns to look at me and his expression softens. "It's alright."
"No, you're still up-"
"Are we planning on attending class today Ms. Hayes? Mr. Smith?"

I nearly jump out of my skin as Mrs. Brigg's disapproving voice booms behind me. Daniel shoots me a small smile before pulling back his arm. I quickly turn around and hurry into class, glancing over my shoulder to see Daniel disappear into his.

I don't see Daniel after that. I don't know if he's personally avoiding me or he's just too busy with his classes, but by lunch I'm really worried. He isn't in his Spanish class or by his locker, so after telling Anna that I'll catch up with her and Dylan, quickly go around the school, looking in all the likely places he could be.

He's nowhere. After a glance around the cafeteria, making sure not to draw any attention from the football team, I head out. I can see Dylan and Anna under our usual tree, but I turn away.

Oh my God. Why didn't I think of it before?

Breaking into a run, I hurry around the length of the field and around the corner, and sure enough see a figure leaning back against the trunk of a tree. Slowing down, I walk up to it and sit down in front of him.

Daniel looks up, "Hey."
"Hi," I study his face before continuing. "I'm sorry Daniel. I don't want to upset you."
He shakes his head. "I'm not upset."
I laugh, "Do I look stupid?" He just gives me a confused look. "I can see you're upset Daniel."
"I'm not!" He laughs, shaking his head.
"You sure?"
He nods, "Yeah. I overreacted."
"No, you didn't." Reaching over I put my hand on his arm. Daniel looks up. "You can drive me to school whenever. I won't mind."
He chuckles, "Okay. It's fine!"
"Come on. I'm starving. Anna and Dylan are waiting for us," I stand as he holds his hand up.
"Help me up please?"

Smiling, I lean forward and pull him up but I end up losing my balance and fall backward, pulling him down with me. Glancing up I see his face hovering above mine. Really close.
"Uh..." I quickly sit up and get to my feet. "I'm never helping you up again," I laugh, a little shakily.
Daniel jumps up, smiling. "Come on. Let's go get some lunch."

"They're still together?!" Daniel murmurs as we walk to our English class.
Raven and Chester are in front of us and I roll my eyes as she giggles loudly.
"Shocking isn't it?"
"No kidding. How's your tutoring going, by the way?"
"I keep forgetting to tell you. Gu-"

Chester sees Raven into her class and as he turns, he sees the both of us.
"Hey. I'll see you after school," he grins. Is that smirk supposed to be even remotely attractive?
It just seems repelling to me.

Daniel turns to look at me, frowning, once he's gone. "What? What does he mean?"
"I was just telling you. Guess whose little sister I'm tutoring?"
"His?" He asks, shocked, leading me into class.
"Mmhmm. But he isn't normally around thankfully."
Daniel nods but he doesn't look too happy.

"So what's up with you and Daniel?"
"Huh?" I glance up at Anna.
She leans forward so it looks like she's busy solving the algebra problems we've been assigned and the teacher can't see her talking.
"You and Daniel? You went looking for him when you disappeared during lunch yesterday right?"
"Yeah," I sigh, glancing around the class. "He was upset."
"Why?" She frowns.
"Because you guys dropped me to school and I'd said no to him before."
"Oh." Her eyes widen, "But we didn't ask you. It wasn't your fault."
"Yeah. I told him that."
"Is he fine?"
"Yeah." I shoot her a smile.
"Do you like him?" She asks after a few seconds.
"Yeah," I shrug. "He's a great guy."
"Yeah, I know. I don't mean that. I mean do you LIKE him. As in... do you find him attractive?" She chuckles.
I shake my head. "No! We're just friends! You know I don't date Ann."
She smiles, "I know. I took a chance."
When I narrow my eyes she just grins and turns to her notebook.


*Anna's POV*

I swallow my smile when Cameron and I walk out of our class and Daniel's waiting by the door.
I don't care what that girl says I haven't seen Daniel so hooked. Even when he was with his girlfriend two years ago, that was nothing compared to how he looks at Cameron now. Taking into consideration he was just an eight grader then.

He smiles, straightening, and falls into step with us on Cameron's side.
"Hey!" Dylan bounds up to us from behind, slinging his arms around both Cam's and my shoulders.
Smiling, I look up at him and he grins back. "What's up chicka?"
"Really?" I laugh. I nudge him before he can answer and he turns to our two lovebirds. Don't tell Cameron I call them that.
"So you guys going to the game on Saturday?"
"Yeah! Of course!" Dylan replies.
"Yup. Aren't you coming?" Cameron asks him.
Daniel smiles, "Is this you asking? Do you want me to?"
She shrugs, "Yeah, if you like."

I shake my head, watching the two of them. I need to teach Cameron how to flirt subtly.
She should have said, "Would I be asking if I didn't?"
Now that would have been a good answer.
"Come on man. Cam's going to see her brother and Kyle, Anna for the opportunity to ogle at her two crushes for a long period of time. You and I will go enjoy the game!"
Daniel grins."Why not?"
"What about the dance on Friday? Are you coming?" I ask.
Cameron turns to me, frowning. "Dance? You mean the party?"
"Yup. It's a formal dance."
"Date, dresses, all the kicks."
She turns away and I watch Daniel studying her, a slight frown on his face.
"Do you have a date Daniel?" I ask.
He shakes his head. "No. I haven't thought about the dance at all."

No surprise there. If everyone let them be Cameron and Daniel would be the hoodie couple spending time at the gym. Or jogging.
"What about you?" Dylan looks at me, smiling.
I shrug. "Nate asked me out but I said no. So I don't have a date. Yet."
He grins. "Who are you waiting for?"
I stare up at him before shrugging. "I don't know."


*Daniel's POV*

I glance at Cameron as we walk to the Owens' place. I was bored at home so I'd decided to drop by and had caught her getting ready to leave. With Mom working, it gets pretty lonely by myself and ever since Cameron and I talked, I've found myself craving her company.

It's great to be around someone who so readily accepts you and doesn't judge. But what's even better is being around someone like her because she doesn't demand attention and makes you feel special.

And making her laugh is the best feeling in the world.

"So..." I tuck my hands into my jeans pockets. "Are you going to the dance?"
She sighs heavily. "I don't know. I don't want to, it's not really my scene. But Anna and Dylan won't let me stay home. Or Josh for that matter."
"What's bothering you? The dress or the date?"
"Uh..." She glances at me, biting her lip. "Both."
As we reach the house, I turn to her. She still has five minutes till it's four. "You'd look beautiful in a dress."

She looks down and I start thinking I've made her uncomfortable when I see the blush on her cheeks. She's feeling shy. Aw. When was the last time a girl blushed when I complimented her?
"Thank you," she looks up at me, smiling. "But I don't think I'm going to go."
"Even if I ask you to be my date?" I bite the inside of my cheek as soon as it comes out. Her eyes widen slightly and I quickly continue. "As friends of course. I'll be... your escort."
I take her hand, leaning slightly down to look into her eyes. "Please? It'll be fun and if it isn't we'll leave."
Looking up at me she studies my face before smiling. It's a small smile, but a smile nonetheless.
"You don't even have to wear a short dress. A gown if it makes you comfortable."
She pouts, "Can't I come in my hoodie? I'll wear a pink one."
I laugh, "Nope! I want to see you in a dress." Reaching up, I tuck strands of her hair which have come loose from her ponytail behind her ear. "You'll look amazing."
She slowly withdraws her hand and I run my fingers through my bangs, stepping back.
"I guess you have to go."
"When do you finish?"
She shakes her head, smiling. "I can walk back home. Don't worry."

I watch, smiling, as she walks up to the front door. An adorable little girl opens the door and pulls her inside, looking excited. My last glimpse of her is Cameron glancing over her shoulder before the door closes.


*Cameron's POV*

"Hey Dylan," I press the mute button on the remote just as Josh enters. "What's up?"
"Nothing much. Just got home from tutoring. You?"
"Yeah. I'm just chilling in front of the TV. So, do you have a date for the dance?"
"Oh, is this you asking me to be yours?"
I roll my eyes, "No. It isn't."
He laughs, "Way to kill a boy's dream Cameron."
I grin, glancing at my brother as he sits down beside me. "It's what I do best."
He chuckles, "No seriously. I don't have a date."
"Then ask Anna out."
The line is silent for a few moments. "What?" He finally says.
"Come on Dylan. I'm not blind. I know you like her."
"Did she say anything?"
"Nope. But she hasn't said yes to anyone. As far as I know. It wouldn't hurt to ask."
"Why would I ask Anna out?"
"'Cause you like her dummy."
He sighs, "Fine. Let me think about it. You coming?"
"With whom?"
"Um..." I cough, murmuring Daniel's name.
"What? Sorry I didn't get that."
I sigh, closing my eyes. "Daniel."
He screams and I wince, pulling the phone away from my ear.
"What's wrong?" Josh asks, smiling.
"I think Dylan's turning into a girl."
"I'm not! I heard that. So, just friends huh?"
"We are! We're coming as friends."
"Hm. Interesting. So, what else do you guys do as just friends?" I groan, dropping my head back onto the cushions.

"You're going to the dance?" Josh asks once I've hung up with Dylan.
"Yup." I start dialing Anna's number. If I don't tell her within the next 60 seconds, Dylan will. "He's such a girl."
"Who?" Josh chuckles, abandoning the TV and turning towards me.
"Dylan. Oh, hey Anna! What's up?"
Half an hour later, I hang up, my ear burning from all the screaming and exclamations.

"Yeah?" I turn to my brother.
"You're going with Daniel, huh?"
I groan. "NO! Not you too!"
He laughs, "You know what this means?"
"Yup." I cover my face with my hands. "I have to go dress shopping with Anna tomorrow!"


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