Last Chances - Chapter 12

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*Cameron's POV*

"I'm SO excited!" Anna exclaims, jumping up and down as I get my books from my locker the next morning.
"Me too." I grin, closing the door and turning to her.

She rubs her hands together. "We're going to find the perfect dress for you!"
"Oh." I frown, glancing at her. "I thought you were talking about our Biology lab exam."

Anna gives me the craziest look ever, "WHAT?!"
I laugh, "I'm kidding! Oh my god, the look on your face!"

Anna's just watching me with an amused smile as I wipe away my tears of laughter and calm down.
"Yup," I shoot her a grin. "Just about."
"We'll see who's going to be laughing at the mall."
I narrow my eyes, following her into the classroom. "Anna..."
"Don't bother. You're in my hands this afternoon."
I groan, sinking down into my chair.

As the teacher walks around handing us back our graded homework, I glance at Daniel. It's like he knows I'm looking and turns, glancing over his shoulder at me. Remembering how he held my hand yesterday and everything he said, I shoot him a small smile and quickly look away, my cheeks heating up.

I do not like him. Not in a crush type of way.
We're just friends, why must everyone make such a big deal out of it?


*Josh's POV*

Cameron's gone dead quiet by the time we come home from school. The coming shopping trip must be really getting to her. Anna, as usual, is her talkative self. And she's on extra hype mode today because she's so excited.

The girls both leave for their tutoring sessions early today wanting to be back by five to have enough time at the mall.

Once they've come back and we've had a snack, Cameron heads upstairs to change, leaving Anna and me alone in the kitchen.

"Is she excited?" Anna asks, frowning.
I laugh, shaking my head. "Don't worry. She'll be fine after a bit. Once she's tried on a few dresses she'll thaw down."
"I don't get it." She shakes her head, seeming worried for her friend.
"Do you like Daniel?"
"Yeah. He's an awesome friend. Why?"
"I mean, do you have a crush on him or like him that way?"

"No!" Anna shakes her head, looking shocked. "No, not at all! Not only is he not my type but he likes Cameron. And I'm pretty sure she likes him too. He's off limits."
I nod, "Good." I'm liking this girl more every day.
"Well, her last best friend stole her... long time crush and turned out to be an A-list bitch."
"Yeah. So that's why she doesn't date."
"Oh. I wouldn't do that."
"I know you wouldn't."
"That's so mean though."
"I know." Smiling, I stand up. "Let me go check on her."
"Will you come with us?" She smiles, looking up at me.
I shake my head slowly. "No. I'll leave you two girls to it. Let me check on her, she might not come down otherwise." Shooting her a smile, I leave the kitchen.

"Come in!"
Walking into my sister's bedroom, I see her standing in front of her mirror, frowning.
"What's wrong baby sis?"
She sighs, turning around. "How do I look?"
"Whoa." I rub my ear. "Repeat those foreign words again."
She groans, pushing me away and I chuckle.
"What?" She narrows her eyes, glaring at me.
I smile, engulfing her in a bear hug. "I love you."
"So I look terrible."

Sighing, I turn her toward her mirror. "You look beautiful. As always." When she stares at me through the mirror, I turn her around toward me. "I know you're nervous Cammy-bear, but it's going to be fine! Once you start, you'll get back into your groove. You used to love shopping. You'll be fine."

"Yeah. Really." Smiling, I brush strands of her hair back. "Did you get money from Mom?"
"Yeah," she reaches for her bag, making sure her wallet's inside.
"Here." I pull a wad of cash out of my pocket.
She shakes her head. "Josh. No."
"Buy something for yourself. You're going to need more than one dress. There are going to be loads of parties later on."

Smiling, she reaches up on her toes and wraps her arms around my shoulders. "Thank you."
"Hey, it's nothing." Kissing her hair, I step back. "Ready? Anna's waiting for you."

She glances around the room once and nods, "Come on."


*Cameron's POV*

"Thanks Josh!" Anna shoots him a smile as she gets out.
"Call me when you're done, I'll pick you up."
"Okay. Thanks." Smiling, I get out as well. Anna takes me arm, squeezing my hand. "Let's get started!"
"Uh oh. That doesn't sound good."
She laughs,"Come on. Let's start here."
"But they don't sell dresses here." I point out as I follow her in.
She shrugs, shooting me a smile. "Let's get in the mood before tackling our mission."

Two stores later, Anna starts looking at dresses. I stand beside her for a moment before moving over to the other rack and going through it.

"I'm going to need a complete outfit." I say, looking at Anna opposite me. "Dress, shoes, bag. Everything. I gave all my dressy things away to a charity before I came."
"Wow. They must have been glad to receive them!" She grins, glancing at me.

I chuckle, watching her as she goes back to rifling through dresses. What exactly would I do without Anna?
"There's nothing here," she groans after our fourth store, "Come on."
"Where are we going?" I ask as she takes my arm and pulls me out of the store.
"There's a store upstairs that has amazing stuff. I'm sure we'll find what we want there."

The boutique we enter is amazing. A sales assistant approaches us as we look through the racks.
"Can I help you ladies?" The guy asks, looking at us.
Anna grins. "Yeah. We're looking for a dress for Cameron," she gestures toward me.
I shoot the guy a smile. "Hey."
"Anything particular in mind?" He asks looking at me.

I don't even need to glance at Anna, she cuts in smoothly. "We'd like to try whatever you think would look gorgeous on her. Since we know everything will look great, I need gorgeous."

He chuckles, "Okay. I'm Chad. And I'm the lucky guy helping you two out." He smiles at me and I grin back. "If you give me your size, I could pick some dresses out. That I think you'd look gorgeous in," he winks.
Hold on there Chad.
"She needs a complete outfit," Anna calls two rows away from us.

Sighing, I drop my bag onto the stool outside the dressing room. Both Chad and Anna literally ordered me to wait for them here. Anna's up to something. She turns up with three dresses, two of which I definitely do not want to try on. I've never worn such a bright color in my life.

I try on the maroon knee length dress but it's too... girly? Anna shakes her head and returns to the front to look for something else. I'm just pulling on my jeans when Chad knocks on the door and passes two dresses over the door.

One's a turquoise strapless dress that falls above my knees. I like it, although it's a bit short and I know Josh would never let me wear something like this.

"Uh, Chad?"
I nearly jump at the sound of his voice being so close.
"The turquoise one is...I dunno."
"Let me see."

Biting my lip, I slowly open the door. Chad's smile slides off. Like literally slides off and Anna's eyes widen as she sees me.
"What?" I ask, feeling conscious.
"You look amazing." Chad says, staring at me.
Blushing I look at Anna. "Thanks. Anna?"
"You look great!"
"But for Friday?"
"Hm, yeah," she nods, looking at me before snapping her fingers. "I know!"
As she leaves, Chad turns to me. "Date on Friday?"
I shake my head. "No. School dance."
He nods, smiling, "You have a date?" He laughs, "What am I asking? Of course you do. You're beautiful."

"Um. Thank you," I reply slowly. I have never met a more straightforward guy. Except my brother. "I'm going with my friend. It's not a proper date."
"Oh. Sorry," he shoots me a smile. "You gonna try the other one on?"
I pull the black and white dress down from the door. "Wow." I glance at him. "I think this is the one."
He grins, "Why don't you try it on?"
"I will," smiling, I head back into the dressing room.
"Is she changing?" Anna asks, apparently back.
"She's trying on a dress."
"Ooh, okay."

I can hear the smile in her voice.
"Ready?" I ask, glancing at myself in the mirror. This is perfect.
"Come on! You're killing me!" Anna replies.
"Okay. Here goes." I murmur to myself before opening the door. I step outside and Anna squeals, looking at me.
"It's perfect! Ohmygosh! It's amazing!" She comes up to me and straightens the bow and then makes me twirl around. "It's great. This is the one. What do you think?"

"Yeah. I love it!" I glance at Chad and he smiles.
"Like she said, it's perfect. Fits you like a glove and you make it look amazing."
"Are you comfortable in it?" Anna asks, "not too short for you or anything?"
"No," I look at myself in the full length mirror. "I love it."

"Great!" She grins before turning to Chad. "So we need matching shoes and a bag."
"I'm on it. What shoe size?"
"Isn't he cute?" She whispers once he's left the dressing room area.
I smile, "Yeah."
She grins. "What me to get his number? That's the closest you've come to admitting a guy is cute!"
I laugh, "Anna! No."
"Twirl one more time for me. This dress is amazing!"
"I know." I shoot her a smile. "Thank you."
She waves her hand, "It doesn't matter Cam."

"No really. You dragged me out here and were adamant on finding something great. It means a lot," she smiles, "I'd do it any day of the week for you. Cameron, Josh told me what happened. At least, a part of it and I want you to know I'd never do that. Hurt you that way. I promise."

"I know." Walking up to her, I pull her into a hug. "I never even thought for a moment that you would."

"So I should tell Daniel you're wearing black and white. The boys aren't wearing a tux, I heard them discussing it. He could wear a black shirt and you two would look major cute together!" She exclaims as Chad walks in.

I roll my eyes, sitting down on the stool. "Anna, we're not dating."
"I know, I know. You're just friends," she says, air quoting the last sentence.
"What about you?"
She shrugs, "I haven't said yes to anyone, so you can't tease me."
I chuckle, shaking my head. "Come on. I need shoes."
Chad grins, holding out two pairs of heels.

"What's that?" I ask as Chad picks up the dresses I've tried.
He turns to look at me. "What?"

Walking up to him, I pull out the short white dress that's got sequins on the upper bodice, a wide blue ribbon around the middle and the skirt shading out into a gorgeous shade of blue.

"It's gorgeous."
He smiles, "You wanna try it on?"
"Can I?"
"Sure. Go ahead."

"I hope you enjoyed your experience shopping with us." Chad smiles, handing over my bags. "And I hope you enjoy your dance."
"Thank you for all your help."

"He was SO flirting with you!" Anna gushes as we head towards the food court.
I laugh, "He wasn't. Come on, I'm starving."
She pulls out her phone, frowning as it rings. "It's Dylan. You think he found out we're shopping without him?"
I chuckle, "I hope not! Although he's becoming too much of a girl."

"Right?" She answers the call. "Hey."
"He's coming here!" She says, hanging up. "Says he wants to talk to me. Do you think something is wrong?"
I shrug, hiding my smile. "I don't know. I hope not."
Sighing, she slings her arm through mine. "I had loads of fun."
"I did too. Thanks Anna."
She grins. "Hey, what are friends for?"
"Hey! How was it?" Josh asks as I slide into the car.

Grinning, I dump the bags into the back and turn to him. "So much fun!"
He laughs and I can see relief on his face. "That's great!" He pulls out of the mall parking lot and glances at me. "Fancy a coffee?"
"Sure." Sighing, I sink into the seat, closing my eyes, exhausted.

When I open them again I catch Josh studying me.
He smiles, turning back to the road. "Don't take this the wrong way."
"I'm just glad my baby sister's back."
"How would I take that the wrong way?"
"I don't want you to get scared and turn back."
"Don't worry Josh. I can't help it."

As he grins I stick my tongue out at him.
"Guess what?"
"I think Dylan's asking Anna out right now."
He laughs, "How do you know that?"
"He just walked into the mall as I left."


*Anna's POV*

I watch Dylan as he walks into the food court, his eyes scanning the tables for me. It doesn't take him long to notice my waving hand and head towards me, smiling. I am kind of nervous as to why he wants to see me only, this is a first that's for sure.

"Hey," he sits down opposite me. "How are you?"
"Great. You?"
He nods. "Good. Had fun shopping?"
"Yup." I grin. "Cameron just left though."
"Yeah, I saw her brother's car," he looks around the food court, seeming agitated.
"So what's up?"
"Uh," Dylan shoots me an embarrassed smile, running a hand through his hair. "Have you got a date for the dance yet?"

I shake my head, "Nope. You?"
"Well, I was actually," he breaks off, coughing, his eyes darting between my face and the table. "I was hoping you'd be my date."
My mouth falls open as I stare at him, a smile tugging at my lips.
"So?" He asks when I don't reply.
"About time you asked."
"About time you asked." I repeat, smiling.
"So, you're not upset?"
"Why would I be upset?"
He shrugs, "I don't know. Because we're friends?"
"What if I don't like you as a friend?"

Dylan stares at me for a few silent moments, obviously confused. He looks cute.
"Let me get this straight. You like me as more than a friend?"
"I wouldn't have said yes if I didn't." When he just continues to watch me, I chuckle, deciding to cut him some slack.

Just this once.
"Yes Dylan. I'd love to be your date for the dance, I've been waiting and waiting for you to ask me out."
He laughs, incredulous. "So you're telling me I've been agonizing over this for no reason?"
I grin, winking at him. "No, but I am telling you that I'm looking forward to Friday."


*Cameron's POV*

"Show me your dresses!" Josh says as we enter the house.
"No!" I shoot him a look, walking into the kitchen. "Hey Mom!" Dropping a kiss on her cheek, I pull open the refrigerator door. "I'm starving."
"You bought your dress? I want to see!" She replies.
"I missed you too Mom."
She grins. "Thanks, love. Now show me."
Sighing, I hand over the bags. "Okay. But I'm not trying anything on! I must have tried on about fifty dresses today."

I watch as Josh leans in, looking excited, as Mom pulls out my dress for Friday. A huge, I mean like Cheshire cat huge, smile spreads on Josh's face and he glances at Mom as they exchange surprised looks.
"It's gorgeous!"
"I know, I know," I wave my hand.
"Wait till Daniel sees you in this!" Josh grins and ducks as I throw a tea towel at him.


"So I went shopping for a dress yesterday."
Daniel glances at me as we jog down the block. "For the dance?"
"So? How is it?"
I throw him a dirty look. "Not a chance! You have to wait till Friday."
"Aw, man. Come on. At least tell me the color?"
I shake my head. "No way."
He groans. "Then why did you tell me?"
I shrug, "The dance is tomorrow. You can wait."
"I doubt that."

I push him, picking up my pace. "Well, while you ponder over it, I'm going to beat you back."
He scoffs, "Challenge taken. Give me what you got Hayes."

I grin, breaking into a run, Daniel on my tail.


"I've got everything in my locker!" Anna says, squeezing my arm excitedly as we walk to our home room. "I cannot wait for school to be over!"

I smile, "Yeah, I'm excited too!"
"So I've arranged for tutoring to be just an hour. I'll be back at your place by four thirty."
"I'll be waiting."
"And then we can go get our hair and nails done!" She grins and I laugh, her excitement definitely contagious.
"I can't wait!"

"Last day of tutoring."
"Do you have time to grab a bite somewhere before you go?" Daniel asks as we walk out of the school.

I shoot him a small smile. "Sorry. I have to be back home by four thirty, Anna and I are going to the salon. I'm only going to go see Nancy, she's begged me to come."
"It's alright," he smiles easily, "I'll be seeing you tonight anyway."
"Yup," I reply, popping the 'p'.
"I'll pick you up at 7?"
"Yeah," I smile, turning to him as we reach Josh's car. "That would be great."
"I can't wait. I'll see you then."

I groan as Chester opens the Owen's front door. I've managed to avoid him as best as I can over the past two weeks. It's just great he'd be here today.

"Hey," he smiles, friendly enough.
"Ready for tonight?"
"Excuse me?"
"The dance. You're coming right?"
"Who's your date?"

I scowl at him, stepping inside the house and away from him. "What's it to you?"
"Hey," he raises both hands. "I'm just trying to be friendly. Don't bite." When I just shrug, he grins. "I'll see you there."
Ugh. Yeah, in your dreams.
Nancy comes running into the kitchen just then, all smiles. "Camerooooonn!!"
"Hey darling." Smiling, I crouch down in front of her. "How's my favorite little girl?"
She grins. "You came! Come, I want to show you something!"

When the girl checks to make sure my nails are dry and moves away, I get off my chair. Walking up to the mirror, I look at myself in the mirror.

I really did it.

My hair was down to my waist and always tied up in a bun. Now it's halfway up my back and permed for tonight.

Shaking my head, I smile.
I feel so light-headed.
I can't wait to see Josh's reaction.

Even Daniel's, although I'm more nervous about what he's going to say. I glance at Anna, who's flicking through a magazine as a girl paints her nails. Smiling, I head to the front desk.

"Hi. I'd like to pay for my friend and I." The lady takes my credit card and I turn and watch as Anna gets up from her chair and gets her stuff.

"Ready to leave?"
"Yeah, let me just pay."
"Don't worry about it. I already did. Let's go, Josh is waiting outside."
"You didn't have to!"
"I know." I smile, "I wanted too."
She grins, taking my arm. "Thanks."

My heart's pounding hard as I look at myself in the mirror. The dress falls to my knees, a black bow separating the upper bodice that's white and has got rhinestones from the rest of the dress.

"Is your makeup fine?" Anna asks, fluffing my hair.
"Yup. It's great, thanks."
"Put your heels on."

Walking over to my bed, I sit down and slip my feet into the three inch black heels. Deep breaths. You can do this.
"I'm going to go downstairs for a moment." I say as Anna grabs a lip gloss and coats her lips with it.
"Okay. The boys will be here soon."

Hearing Mom and Josh's voice downstairs, I head down, my stomach so full of butterflies I have a feeling it my explode. Walking into the lounge, I see Josh already dressed, sitting with Mom in front of the television.

Mom gasps, looking up at me. "Darling, you look beautiful!"
"Thanks Mom."
Josh gets up and walks around me. "Cameron?"
"Yes?" I ask, looking at him.
"You sure you're my sister?"
"Very funny Josh!"
He laughs and the next thing I know I'm lifted up into the air.
Grinning, he puts me back on my feet. "You look beyond amazing."
"Well, you could have just told me that." I reply, straightening my bow.
He grins. "Got carried away."

"I can see." I watch him for a moment before reaching up on my toes and wrapping my arms around him. "Thank you."
He hugs me tight,"Anytime."
Kissing his cheek, I pull back just as the doorbell rings.
"Oh my God. Daniel's here. Josh, I can't do this." My fingers tighten on his arm as I steady my wobbly feet.
"You'll be fine! Just be yourself."
"But i-"

He shakes his head, smiling. "No buts. You'll be absolutely fine. I'll get the door."
Taking in a deep breath, I turn to Mom. "Do I really look okay?"
"No. You look more than okay. Believe in yourself love. You'll have a great time tonight. Don't worry about anything alright?"
"Okay Mom. Thanks."
"Cameron!" Josh calls, "Your date's here."

Taking in another deep breath, I shoot Mom a smile and start walking toward the hallway. My palms are sweating and if I weren't wearing heels, I'd have sprinted upstairs to my bedroom. You can do this.

I slowly step outside, my eyes on the carpet and walk towards the front door.
Glancing up at Daniel, I freeze.
Bad idea. Wrong move.
Okay, I think I can still run upstairs.
Josh, probably reading my mind, steps behind me.

Daniel's just standing and staring at me, an expression of utter shock on his face. (Okay, this is a one-timer. He looks CUTE. He's got a mint green shirt on over gray trousers, his hair pushed to the side as usual. The color of his shirt really brings out his eyes.)

"Hey," I smile, my cheeks heating up.
He blinks, hard, "Uh, Hey!" Shoving a hand into his pocket, he looks at me, smiling. "You look... spectacular!"
"Thank you."
"Well, I'm gonna go upstairs and call Anna. I saw Dylan's car come in. See you guys later." Josh says hurriedly and rushes upstairs.
"You ready to leave?"

Daniel steps back, holding the front door open and I step out. The front door closes behind us and suddenly it's just the two of us.

"I told you you'd look amazing in a dress," he says from behind me.
Glancing over my shoulder, I smile. "You did. I should listen to you more often huh?"

Daniel grins, holding out his arm. Once I take it, he steps off the porch and leads me to the car parked at the end of the driveway. "Yeah, at least when I tell you something like that."
I gasp, looking at the car he's stopped in front of. "Is this yours?"
He smiles, "Yeah, now. It was Dad's before and Mom let me use it for tonight."
"You like Camaros?"
"Yeah! Josh should see this."

Daniel unlocks the car and holds the door open for me.

"I like your hair. This is the first time I'm actually seeing it open. Wasn't it longer?" He asks, pulling out from the driveway.
"Yeah, I cut it. Thought it would be easier to maintain."
"Well, I love it."
"Thank you."

The rest of the drive is silent. And awkward.
"We're here," he says, parking the car.
"Yeah," I glance outside at the school building.

It's just a school dance yet it seems like such a big moment for me.
"Oh, I almost forgot," he leans back, reaching for something behind my seat. "Bluebells and snowdrops aren't in season, so I thought maybe you'd like this." Sitting back in his seat, he holds out a pale pink rose.

I take in a breath, surprised. "It's beautiful! Thank you."
He smiles as I take it. "You're very welcome." I hold it to my nose and take in its scent. "So is this the old new Cameron?"
I chuckle, looking at him. "Yeah, you could say that." When he smiles, I add. "Not that I've changed. I'm still me."
"Good," he leans forward and tucks a lock of my hair back. "I think I'm going to really like this Cameron."
Blushing, I glance outside. "Let's go?"
"Yeah. Come on."

I unconsciously start leaning in towards him as we get near the school. Daniel takes my hand and I don't shy away from his touch as he rubs his thumb over mine.

"It's bad enough on normal days. Now with you looking so amazing, what am I supposed to do if guys start circling like hawks?"
I chuckle, shaking my head. "Won't be a problem."
"Don't be so sure about that."

Michael, a guy from our English class, immediately approaches us as we enter. He greets Daniel and they start chatting, Michael glancing at me curiously every few seconds.
"Wait. Cameron?"
I smile. "Hey Michael."
"Wow. You look great!"
"Thanks. I could hardly turn up in a hoodie to a dance right?"
He smiles, "Yeah. I'll see you two later?"
Daniel grins once he's gone. "See it wasn't so bad."
"Are you kidding me? He literally ran away once he found out it was me!"
"Because his girlfriend entered! Chill. Come on, let's get something to drink." He leads me to the table and hands me a drink. "So do you want to go see Dylan and Anna or dance first?"

I glance over my shoulder to see our new couple entering and smile. "I think we'll leave them alone for a bit."
"It's their first date right?"
"So I'm getting a dance?" He holds out his right hand.
Placing my drink on the table, I slip my palm into his. "As many as you like."

"You look amazing!" Anna says as I join her.
"Thanks! So do you! Where Dylan?"
"Daniel too. Let's get some water. Daniel and I have been dancing for at least forty minutes!"
"Speaking of which. Who gave you that rose Ms. Hayes?" She glances at the pink rose I've tucked into the bow of my dress.
I shoot her a smile. "Daniel."
"Ohh... So what's going on?"


*Daniel's POV*

"Yeah?" Dylan and I turn to see Josh and Kyle standing off to the side.
"Where's my sister?"
"Oh, she over there." I glance over my shoulder and spot her by the drinks table.
She looks gorgeous.
I couldn't take my eyes off her as we danced.

"Don't leave her alone," Josh looks over my shoulder and I turn to see Chester nearing her.
"Oh, crap."
Dylan and I start moving towards them.
"He looks amazing, yes. I'm just not ready to start dating Anna." Cameron pauses, "And I don't think he likes me that way. We're really close friends and I don't want to lose that."
Anna nods and glances up, and sees Dylan and I standing behind Cameron.
"Uh- have you seen Kyle?" She asks quickly.

I take in a deep breath, trying to appear as normal as I can. Cameron thinks I don't like her that way?
I thought Anna said it was really obvious.

"Hey girls."
Cameron turns around, smiling. "Hey! Dylan! How are you?"
"Great," he grins.
"Cameron! There you are!"
I turn around, standing beside Cameron as Chester approaches us.
"You look beautiful!"
"Uh, thanks," she shoots him the smallest of smiles.

Ha! You should have seen the smile she gave me buddy. It could have lit up a whole town.
Wait, isn't that from a song? You've got a smile that could light up this whole town...Very cheesy. I glance at Cameron, concentrating on the conversation again.

"Where's your date?" His eyes pass over me and he glances around.

Cameron shocks me by taking my arm and smiling. "You're looking at him."
Chester's eyes freeze on my face, and I can't help but shoot him a smug smile.
"Are you two dating?" He asks, looking at Cameron.
"Yes, Cameron, I'm very interested in your answer as well."
She raises her eyebrows. "Why?"
Chester shoots her a cocky smile. "Well, I'm planning on stealing you for a few dances."
"Where's your girlfriend?"

Cameron chuckles, "In your dreams Chester. Anyway, I'm all booked. I'm with Daniel and I've already promised Josh, Kyle and some other guy from your team for dance."
He shrugs, winking at her. "Maybe some other time."

"Uh, right. Keep dreaming."
Both of us turn around and see Kyle walking towards us with Josh.
"Is that really you?"
She laughs and I watch with some pride as she grins at Kyle.
"It's me!"
"WOW!" He holds a hand to his chest. "You've taken my breath away."

Cameron starts laughing again, obviously taking it as a joke but I can see Kyle's serious. I think I preferred Cameron better in a hoodie. At least then when the guys were complementing her I didn't feel so... threatened.

Insecure dummy, my mind intervenes. Stay out of this. I glance up to see Josh watching me, a smile on his face.

"We'll just have one dance each and then she's all yours," he says, taking his sister's hand.
"Have fun." I smile, stepping back.

Josh dances with her and then Kyle pulls her into his arms as a slow song starts up. Cameron glances at me over his shoulder and holds my gaze for a few long moments, a smile playing on her lips.


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