Last Chances - Chapter 2

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*Cameron's POV*

The weather here is always rainy and gloomy. The perfect weather to match my mood. Pulling on Josh's big hoodie, I glance at myself in the mirror. I look like I put on about ten pounds. Shrugging, I pull on his joggers and tie back my strawberry blond hair into a ponytail. I have my phone right? Feeling my pocket, I find it empty.

Where is it? I find it under my pillow and slip it into my pocket. Scribbling a note for my Mom, I leave it by the toaster and head out, grabbing my house keys on the way.

I walk down my neighborhood to the park. There are a couple of early risers, walking their dogs and jogging. I join them, jogging a few laps around the park, but it gets boring. The park's small and the later it's getting, the more people are turning up. So, I cross the road and start jogging down the neighborhood perpendicular to mine. It's beautiful, the gardens well-kept, the lawns trimmed.

I slow down to a walk, admiring the houses. Glancing to my right to look at the opposite house, I see a figure coming out of the house.

A baseball cap pulled low over his eyes, I'm assuming it's a guy, and the hood of his hoodie pulled up as well, he breaks into a jog when he reaches the sidewalk. Shaking my head, I turn away and start jogging as well.

We jog together, always opposite each other for half an hour before I decide to turn back. I need to shower and there's only an hour left till school. The guy glances towards me as I stop. So he did notice me.


I don't meet his gaze as I stretch before starting a brisk walk back. The house is quiet but the aroma of coffee fills the kitchen. Mom must be up. Gulping down half a bottle of water, I start to pull the hoodie off.

Peeking from under the hoodie, I see Josh turned away.
"I've got a shirt on." I say, laughing.
He slowly turns around and sighs, relieved.
"You shouldn't strip in the kitchen."
I roll my eyes. "No kidding."
"Had a nice run?"

I nod, perching at the edge of the counter. "The next neighborhood is amazing. Why didn't we get a house there?"
He shrugs, "Too expensive."
"Ah. Mom getting ready for work?"
"Yup." He pulls out his Gatorade from the fridge and then turns to me. "Better get ready for school. I'm dropping you, you're not walking."
"Josh, I like walking."
"Not today. It looks like it's going to rain."
"Fine. I'll be down in fifteen."
"I'll be waiting."

He follows me out of the kitchen and I watch as he falls onto the couch in the lounge, turning on the television.

Upstairs, I strip down in the privacy of my room with no brother barging in and step into the shower. Blow drying my hair, I tie it back and pull on a black long-sleeved shirt and black jeans.

Grabbing my gray hoodie, I pull on my bag.
"Ready!" I call out, running down the stairs.
"Good. Come on." Turning off the television, Josh gets up and follows me to the front door. "Mom already left. She asked me to tell you to have a good day." He says, unlocking his car door.
I slide inside. "Oh okay."
"Did you have breakfast?"
"Uh.." I bite my lip, glancing at him.
Josh sighs, "Cam.."
"I forgot! It wasn't on purpose, I promise."

Smiling, he turns onto the main road and five minutes later, pulls into Starbucks.
"Come on. Let's get you something."
"But we're late." I glance at my watch, getting out of the car. "We've got just ten minutes till the first bell."
"Oh don't be such a saint." Taking my hand, he pulls me towards the café. I laugh, following him up to the counter.

The girl looks up and her expression changes when she sees Josh. I roll my eyes. Here we go.
"Hey! How can I help you?" She smiles, leaning forward and staring at him.
Very subtle.
"Uh," Josh turns to me and makes a face which makes me laugh. The girl glances at me and her expression dims slightly. "What do you want Cammy?"
"I will have... a latte and a chocolate muffin. Please."
She nods, "Will that be all?" She asks, her voice professional.
"Yes, thank you."
Josh pays her and two minutes later she hands him my order.

"Thank you!" He shoots her a charming smile and turns to me. "Here you go." I take the muffin from him, letting him hold on to the latte as we walk out. Pulling open my door, he holds it as I slip inside. I pull open the cup holder and take it from him and he walks over to his seat.

I stare up at the clock from the back of the room as the teacher drones on about ionic equations. Come on, ring.

The bell rings exactly 98 seconds later and almost everyone jumps up in relief. The teacher's still announcing the homework when I rush out. That was the longest class all day.

Dumping my books in my locker, I start making my way to the cafeteria for lunch.
"Cameron! Wait up!"

Hearing my name, I slowly turn around. They can't be calling me. But sure enough, Anna's rushing towards me, pushing through people.

Coming to a stop beside me, she smiles. "It's raining outside so we've got to stay in. Mind if I have lunch with you?"
"What about your friends?"
"Friend. Dylan's got a class. He might join us."
"So, can I?"
"Uh, yeah." I nod. "Sure."
"Great!" She grins and starts walking with me.

She's so happy. I glance at her from the corner of my eye to see her smiling. Wonder what the joke is.

"That chemistry class was so boring!" Anne says as we walk through the cafeteria doors.
"I know! Longest class ever."

She nods, standing in the lunch line beside me.
"So who's Dylan?" I ask as we sit down at an empty table.
"He was my first friend here. You have to meet him, I'm sure you'll love him."
"He's a sophomore as well?"
"Yup." She glances at her watch. "He should be here any moment."

I look around the crowded cafeteria. I can see Josh's back from across the room. He's sitting with all the other jocks and cheerleaders.

My eyes trail over different people around me. Glancing towards the lunch line, I pause, looking closely at the guy leaving the line with his tray along with two other guys.

"Who's that?" I ask, glancing at Anna before turning back to him.
"That is Daniel Rider. Hottest guy in school. Well, after Josh Hayes."
"Josh Hayes. He's the new football captain."
I stare at her, trying not to laugh.

Josh is the hottest guy in school? Won't he be thrilled when he hears it.
"Oh yeah. Him."
"Yup. But Daniel is like... he doesn't date."
"Really?" I raise an eyebrow, looking at him as he walks back. "That's shocking."
"I know right!"
With one last glance at him, I turn back to my lunch.

"Hey girls!"
I look up to see a brown haired boy slide his tray next to Anna. He has big brown eyes and a smile on his pink lips.

"Class over at last?" Anna asks him and he nods, glancing at me. "Dylan this is Cameron. She just moved here. Cameron, Dylan."
"Hey." I smile at him and he grins back. "Hi! How you liking Fortridge till now?"
I shrug, "It's not bad."
"She just discovered Daniel Rider." Anna smiles, waggling her eyebrows at me and I laugh.
"Yeah, discovered him. That's it."
"Ah, admit it. He's hot." Dylan adds, biting into his apple.
I raise an eyebrow, looking at him but he just stares back. "He's fine I guess."


*Josh's POV*

I glance over my shoulder at the table, I noticed Cammy sitting at. A boy's joined them and she's laughing as they talk.

I stare at her for a moment, just watching her laugh and talk. I can't believe this.
"Josh." Kyle shakes my arm and I snap out of my thoughts.
"Yeah, man?"
He glances at the direction I was looking in and I see his smile. I lightly smack the back of his head. "Stop looking at my sister."

He quickly turns back. "I'm not!"

I saw him looking at her yesterday as well. Looking back, I watch Cameron glance to her left. Following her gaze, I see her looking at a blond guy.

Who's that girl in Cameron's body and what did she do with my baby sister?


*Cameron's POV*

The door opens five minutes after the bell's rung and Daniel Rider walks in.

"I'm sorry!" He hurries to his place and the teacher just shakes her head.

His seat is opposite mine and I watch as he opens his notebook. He brushes his mop of blond hair to the side of his forehead, tapping his pencil against his notebook, his eyes fixed on the teacher.

The hottest guy in school, other than my brother, doesn't seem like such a bad ass.



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Published: 4/30/2013
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