Last Chances - Chapter 4

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*Cameron's POV*

"Josh! I can't believe you're doing this to me!" I follow him downstairs, glaring at his back. "I told you I wasn't interested!"
"Aw, come on Cam. It isn't all that bad."
"You're right. It's horrible! I distinctly remember saying no! I don't want to come to your stupid party."
"Cameron, please." He pulls out a coke from the fridge and turns to me. "We have our reputations to maintain."
"I thought you didn't care about all that."

"We don't! But Kyle and I've been getting out of tough places saying we already have dates! We can't turn up alone."
"Go with each other."
"Okay, why don't you ask some girl. Anyone. They'd be happy to go with the two of you."
"It won't work. And there isn't anyone."
"I can't believe Kyle doesn't have a girlfriend."
"He doesn't."
"But why? How?"

Josh shrugs, taking a slug of coke. "He flirts with girls but that's it. Nothing serious."
"Oh my god!" I bury my face in my hands, groaning.
"No one will know it's you. You'll be in costume."
"That's not the point."
"Come on Cammy. Please." He comes around the table and takes my hands. "Please, please, please, please?"

Sighing, I look up at my big brother.
Why not?

I don't like it and I know I won't when I'm there, but he's done so much for me. I can bare going to one party right?

"Okay. Bu-" before I can say anything though, he's pulled me off the stool and is spinning me around. "Josh!" I scream, holding onto his shoulders.
Chuckling, he places me on my feet. "Thank you! I owe you I promise. Anything you want."

I smile, shaking my head. "I don't want anything."
"Really? I've seen you eyeing that new phone that's come out. The one you've been waiting for half a year for."
I shake my head, pulling away from him.
"No, I was kidding. You don't owe me anything."
"Come on, Cammy."
"Why? Is there something else you're not telling me?"
He shakes his head quickly and I narrow my eyes. "No!"

The bell rings and I walk to the front door and pull it open.
"I'm here!" Anna announces walking in like I can't see that she's standing in front of me.
"I think it calls for a celebration." I reply and start following her down the hallway when the bell rings again. Sighing, I turn back and open the door. This time Kyle's standing on the other side, smiling.

"Hi. Come on in."
He shoots me a curious look as we walk down the hallway.

Josh and Anna are in the lounge when Kyle and I join them. I sit down and look around. Kyle's got a hoodie on over-faded blue jeans similar to Josh's maroon hoodie and cream shorts. Anna has skinny jeans over a baby blue boat, neck long sleeved top and a silver belt.

I glance down at my track pants and long-sleeved shirt. I look like one of the guys.
Biting my lip, I look up and see Kyle watching me.
I'd rather look like one of the guys.

"We need you girls to do us a favor." Josh starts, looking at Anna and me.
"Done! We're in." Anna replies, a tad bit too eager. The boys chuckle and I bite back a smile. "Cameron told me." She adds, blushing slightly.
"So you're both cool with it?" Josh asks, looking at the both of us.

Anna glances at me and then nods as I shrug.
Josh stares at me, chewing on his lower lip.
"Spit it out Josh."
"Well," he shifts uncomfortably in his place. "Kyle has something to ask you."

I look at Kyle and he gives me a small smile.
"Cameron, would you be my date to the Halloween Bash?"
My mouth falls open and I stare at him before glancing at Josh.
No way.
But I can't say no because the only other option is to go with Josh.
And he's my brother.
Kyle knows there isn't any other answer I can give him. But still, his expression is... hopeful.

"Sure." I smile, trying to look as happy as I can. Given the circumstances, I think I did a pretty good job because his face brightens and he grins.
"Fantastic! Thank you."
I shrug, "It'll be fun."
Josh is looking at me closely, a bit shocked. I turn to Anna to see her grinning. She raises an eyebrow when I turn to her.
"So that means you're going with Josh." I say, watching her reaction.
She smiles, glancing at my brother. "Yeah."

"So find anything you like?" Anna asks from the other aisle as the both of us sift through the racks of costumes the next day.

Anna already had a costume but since she was going to the Bash, she wanted a new one. Something better. I, on the other hand, didn't and had to find a costume tonight or I wouldn't be able to go to the Bash.

Actually, that's not such a bad idea.
"I cannot believe we're going to the Bash!" She whispers, appearing next to me.
"Anna." She's already told me five times.
"I know, I know. But it's a senior party."
"I know." I give her a fake shocked look and she chuckles.
"Fine. I'll tone it down."
"Did you tell Dylan?" I ask, glancing at the snow white dress and hold it up for her to see.

Her eyes light up. "This is great! Yeah, I texted him and he called this morning. He had a family thing last night. He didn't seem too thrilled but yeah. Too bad we can't sneak him in with us."
"Unless he has a senior girlfriend." I murmur, moving on to the next aisle.
Anna hears me and laughs, "Dylan? Sure."
Not wanting to get mixed up in their nonexistent romance, I just let the comment hang in the air.

"Come in!" I call as there's a knock at my bedroom there.
Josh enters, closing the door behind him and leaning against my wardrobe near the floor length mirror I'm standing in front of.
"Wow. You've done an amazing job!" He smiles, looking at my Statue of Liberty costume.
I smile, glancing at him."Thanks."

He nods and just watches me for a few quiet moments. I'm pretty sure I know what's on his mind but I stay silent.

"Cam, I'm sorry I dragged you into this. I know you're not particularly excited about tonight."
I shrug, turning to him. "It's fine! I agreed to it remember? And stop worrying."
"But come on. I don't want to make you do something you don't want to."
"So you're saying I don't have to come."
He nods, looking at me carefully. "If you don't want to, yeah."
"Josh, Mom's happy I'm getting out of the house for a party. Let's not kill it yeah?"
He smiles, grateful. "Thanks Cameron. What's Kyle coming as?"
I shrug, "I dunno. How exactly did two hot seniors end up with no dates?" I ask, teasing him.

He groans, rolling his eyes. "Quit with the hot thing. And I'm not interested in any of the girls at school. You know how they are Cameron, they don't need any encouragement, just one question and they're all over you."
"Yeah, true. But what about your best friend?"
Josh shrugs, "I don't know. He isn't interested in anyone either. As far as I know."
I nod, "Why don't you go change? You do have your costume right?"
"Yup. You're gonna need to come help."
"Call me when you're decent and I'll come do your makeup."
He leans forward and I pause from applying eyeliner as he kisses me cheek.

I get out of Josh's car and follow him to the sidewalk where Kyle's waiting.
In the street light, I look over Kyle's costume and smile.
"Prince Charming?"
"At your service ma'am."
Laughing softly, I shake my head. "I like it. Where's Anna?"
"Behind you."
I turn around to see her in the snow white dress she'd chosen yesterday.
"Wow! Look at you!"
"Is it nice?" She asks, twirling.
"Yeah! You look great!"
"So do you!" She reaches up and lightly touches my green crown. "It's amazing!"
"Ready to go in?" Josh asks, joining us.
Kyle holds out his arm and smiling I take it, my stomach full of nervous butterflies.

"Check it out. Looks like she snagged a date after all." Anna comments as we wait for the boys to get our punch.

I look up to see Raven Sanders and her two friends on the other side of the huge auditorium. She's wearing the skimpiest costume I've seen yet.
"Wonder who they came with."
"I don't know. There are no guys with them." Anna replies.

I look up as Kyle joins me.
"Would you like to dance?"
I glance at the dance floor and shrug, turning to him. "Sure."
Smiling, he leads me onto the dance floor.


*Josh's POV*

As Anna chats with this girl, I look around for Kyle and Cameron. I haven't seen them for at least half an hour. My eyes slowly trail over all the people on the dance floor and I spot them on the edge of it, on the other side of the room.

As I watch, Cameron pulls away from him and literally runs away. Kyle looks startled for a moment before slowly walking toward me.

"What happened?" I ask as soon as he's within earshot.
He shakes his head. "I dunno. She was fine a moment ago!"
I watch his bewildered expression. "Did you touch her?"
"We were dancing man. Yeah." His expression turns worried, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean it in any way."
"I know. It's just... give her a moment, she'll be fine."
"Where is she?" Anna asks and I turn to see she's heard us talking.
"Said she had to go to the washroom."
"Okay. Let me go see her."
"Anna! Don't say anything about..."
She throws me a 'don't be stupid' look and keeps walking.
"Josh, I-"
I shake my head. "Chill man. She'll be fine."
As he turns to watch Anna, I bite my lip, worried.


*Cameron's POV*

Standing by the punch table, I look around for Kyle.
I cannot believe I freaked out when he touched me.
I thought I could handle it.
He must think I'm a freak.
I turn around to see Kyle standing behind me.

I slowly turn towards him, biting the inside of my cheek. "I'm sorry."
He shakes his head. "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pushed it."
"Pushed what Kyle? It was my fault."
"Are you alright now?" He asks, smiling.
"Yeah. Thanks."
"You're welcome."

We stand awkwardly for a few moments, looking at each other. I glance away to see Raven and her gang walking towards us.
"Great." I mutter, looking away.
Just what I need.
"What's wrong?" Kyle looks in the direction I was and his eyebrows shoot up. "Friend of yours?"
I scoff, "Yeah, sure."
"Could you please get me some punch?" Kyle asks and nodding I turn just as the girls reach the table.

Raven's busy serving herself punch as her friends look at me.
"Who invited the freak?"
Raven looks up and sees me, but then her eyes land on Kyle.
"Kyle! Wow, you look... amazing!"
His smile is brief. "Thanks." He looks at me and his expression visibly brightens. "Thanks!" Taking the glass from my hand, he loosely slings an arm around my waist. I force myself not to stiffen and act natural.

All five of us turn around to see Josh and Anna approaching us.
"Hey!" I smile as his eyes study me and he relaxes seeing I'm alright.
"Friends of yours?" He asks, pouring himself some punch. He hands Anna a glass and then sips his.
"Josh! Hey!"
He glances at Raven, looking confused. "Hi."
"It's me, Raven."
Josh glances at us, still clueless. Apparently.

I'm thinking he's just acting. He can't have forgotten her.
"Hi Raven. Nice party eh?"
"She's the girl I was telling you about. The one who's in English with me." I add, looking at my brother.
"Oh, her?" He says her with slight distaste. Turning to her, he smiles. "Cool outfit."
"Thanks!" She smiles, pleased.

How shallow can a person be?
"Kyle, I'm stealing your date." Josh takes me arm. "Come on sweetheart, let's dance."
I throw my empty cup away as he starts pulling me.
A slow song starts as Josh and I step onto the dance floor.
"You alright?" He asks, pulling my arms around his neck.
I nod, leaning in. "Yeah."
"You scared Kyle."
"I'm sorry. I apologized. This is why I didn't want to come. I'm messed up Josh."
"No, you're not." He shakes his head, adamant and I sigh.
"I am. I hope he isn't upset."
"He isn't. Trust me. Just dance with him after this song alright?"
I nod. "Yeah, I will."
"You knew who Raven was didn't you?"
He chuckles, nodding. "Yup."
I laugh, "She is going to be furious. Honestly, what do I, the freak, have that both Josh Hayes and Kyle Grayson want to dance with me?"


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