Last Journey

The pains of the death of dearest one...
Within moments everything was over.
The thought made her shiver.
That nightmare turned her chill.
Her world came to a standstill.
How she wished the clock had stopped?
Could that have helped?
It can be called fate or destiny.
That decided the last journey.
There was no choice but to bid farewell.
This adieu turned the home in to hell.
His thoughts were engulfing her.
Eyesight was getting blur.
She lost control over tears.
She seemed older by years.
She couldn't collect her shattered heart.
His death has thrown her life apart.
She derived strength from him.
Can she live without him?
But for time nothing can answer better.
Passing hours and days will be the best healer.
Her grief may dissolve in tears' salt.
This may pull her out of the sudden halt.
Hope she picks the threads of life?!
And start living with the memories of being his wife.
Published: 7/4/2008
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