Last-minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here! Seems like you were asleep till now, and don't have a costume yet. Check out these Halloween costumes that can be arranged for at the eleventh hour, and join the party like you belong!
Guess what! My office organizes a mind-blowing Halloween party every year. This is planned and executed with devilish perfection. The costumes, the Halloween party favors, the food (check out these Halloween recipes, after reading about the costumes) and all that jazz!! Well, like every year, October end was hell for me. However, for the first time, under all the stress, I forgot about my favorite Halloween preparation, the Halloween costume. So, here I am, a day before ol' Hallows eve, with no costume. This is when my creative wheels began to turn and I came up with Halloween costumes with satanic beauty that could be arranged for, at the last moment. Ok! I am not claiming to have invented all of these, but the research and improvisations took a lot of my creative energies to figure them out!

Before I get down to helping you out with the last-minute travesty, I believe I owe 'All Souls' day a paragraph. No, I am not going to explain the history of Halloween holiday in America. But, I just wanted to let everyone know why such costumes are worn on Halloween. Well, you see, Halloween was considered as the night that ghost walked the earth. As such, people were terribly scared of getting out of their humble abodes. That is when some brilliant woman (I believe that this could be only a woman's idea), came up with the plan to wear scary masks and get out only after dark. As such, the ghosts would mistake the people as one of them and not harm or haunt them. Killer, ain't it?

Alright then! Let's begin with the easy last-moment Halloween costumes that can be made at home. Brace yourselves, as this may be a bumpy ride!

Last-minute Halloween Costumes for Adults
O.k! I am busted. I started with this one because these were my options. They are awesome! I am still torn about which one of these creative adult Halloween costume ideas I like the most.
  • The First on the list is Midnight Vampire. The men could dress in a very classy white shirt, black pants, beige vest and black shoes. Wear the hair slick and behind. If someone asks you about your cape, tell them you are hunting under cover! The women just need to wear a sexy long black skirt and a blood-red shirt, preferably full sleeved. Make sure the clothes cling to you. Leave your hair down, put on blood-red lipstick and nail-polish. Put on classy eye make up that makes your eyes look bigger. Voila! You are the midnight Vampiress!!
  • The next is The Addams Family. The men could dress in a gray or black dinner jacket suit with a bow tie. If you don't have a mustache, paint on one (with safe ink) and go as Gomez Addams. The women could dress in an all black narrow full sleeved gown. Put on dark eye make up and lighten the skin tone with foundation. Put on blood-red lipstick and straighten your hair out. You are going as Morticia Addams! Personally, this is my favorite Halloween costume idea for women.
  • The ladies can wear a full white gown and a veil (you could borrow that from someone). Keep the hair disheveled and a zombie look on the face, you would look like the perfect Dead Bride! The men could go with a similar expression in a black tux. That could be the Dead Groom! Boy! This wedding could make me run!!
  • The last is the pirate look. Very simple and I guess my favorite (psst... I tried it out)! All you need is a white button up shirt and pants tucked into your boots. Put on an eye patch and a bandanna. You are looking like a scallywag now matey!!
These ideas can be tried out at the last-minute and can be a hit at any Halloween party. In fact, with the right attitude, you can actually make it look like you had put effort and planning into the Halloween costume ideas for couples.

Last-minute Halloween Costumes for Kids
Kids are little devils anyway, aren't they? So this day is perfect for them to be out there, in the open, in their true form. The best ideas for quick and easy Halloween costumes can be conjured by the kids themselves. They are creative and their enthusiasm is not based on how hot or sexy they will look in the costume. Now let's get to the point. A few of the last-moment Halloween costumes for kids would be as follows
  • As we have already discussed the pirate costume, children could dress up as pirates as well. You can add a sword and rings to the accessories to make them look more Jack Sparrow-ish.
  • The girls could dress up as ballerinas (if they have a ballet dress at home). The boy could wear an old shirt, work boots, tool belt, hand tools, work gloves, hard hat and a walkie-talkie (optional). He is dressed as a construction worker.
  • The kids could go in their normal clothes with sticks in their pockets. That's Harry, Ron or Hermione when they are in the muggle world.
  • The girl could dress in a black dress with black stockings and black shoes. Tie up two braids and voila! We have Wednesday Addams. The boy could be dressed in a white and black horizontal striped t-shirt and shorts. I am sure it's clear that he is Pugsley Addams!
All these costumes are perfect for trick or treating as the children can get a chance to explain their costumes if required.

So it wasn't a bumpy ride!! Trick or treat!! All the above costume ideas are last-minute homemade Halloween costumes. They are fun to make and can bring a twist to the Halloween Party. I could carry on with the brilliant costume ideas that I am coming up with, but I need to rush and get ready for my party. This is where I sign off!! Have fun!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 9/23/2011
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