Last Words From The Grave

I am gonna prepare something for the priest to say when I commit suicide. Save a lot of time, work, and money. So here it is. Comments are welcome.
People say you get flashbacks when you die,
some say in the clouds your soul will fly.
Some say you couldn't breathe,
I say you will always bleed.

There will be no sunrise,
everyone will pay such a price.
There is only eternal darkness,
the end to all your passions and lust.

You smell sweet decay, endless fall and white roses,
We feel your last breath entering our noses.
There is no turning back,
there is no end of this taste of death.

So sleep, in your only memory,
let this chapter be an end to your story.
There is no happy ending,
they are only for the weakling.

We all loved you, worship you, adored you,
but now we must let death become you.
It is time to let you go,
and drive pain away from your road.

Goodbye, flightless bird
Let no joyful sounds be heard.
It's our time to die,
when we will forever fly
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