Lay With Me

A love poem as influenced by Snow Patrol.
Look outside, it's raining hard,
You can't leave now,
It's warmer here beneath the quilt,

Lay here with me, lay here beside me,
And we can make patterns on the ceiling with our minds,
I'll give you my thoughts if you'll share yours with me,
There's no need for words when we understand our hearts.

Hold my hand,
Feel it's warmth comfort you.
I'll keep you safe for one more night,
If you'll just stay.

Lay here with me, lay here beside me,
And cherish the moment our spirits merge as one,
I'll kiss you again, maybe for the last time,
Or maybe forever, it's really up to you.

Don't go now, it'd break my heart,
To see you leave.
Unpack your things, come back to bed,
And lay with me.

Stay here with me, lay here beside me,
And we'll find tomorrow together as we are,
I'll dry your tears and you can dry my tears,
And we can find comfort in each other's arms.

It's too cold to leave so stay here beside me,
Let's look to a future beneath warm clear blue skies,
Let's look on the world, our pleasure to behold,
Our very own Garden of Eden be the prize.

Lay with me, just we two,
Me and you.

Published: 6/13/2019
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