Left Back Pain Causes

Left side back pain is usually associated with several health problems such as bone deterioration, muscle strain, sudden injury and spinal dislocations. Identifying the causes of the pain is essential for getting correct treatment and effective pain management.
Back pain is a medical problem that many of us experience without any apparent reason. Basically, it is the less active lifestyle that we are leading, which causes back pain. The effects of back pain can be mild to severe and may last for a short time or several days. In most cases, it starts as a mild problem, in which symptoms may come and go on a regular basis. Over a period of time, back pain progresses to a severe chronic condition that does not subside for several days.

With any condition of back pain, either mild to severe or in the left side and/or right side, it is very essential to properly diagnose the problem. Only then, the underlying cause can be identified and correct treatment can be advocated. Every year, lots of people seek medical attention because of back pain. Coming to the left side back pain causes, there are several factors that may trigger this painful condition.

Causes of Left Back Pain

Considering the various possible causes of left back pain, it is commonly referred to as non-specific back pain. Until and unless you visit a qualified orthopedics doctor, it is very difficult to predict the underlying cause for left back pain. The following information is a brief about the probable causes of left back pain, based on the exact location of pain.

Upper Left Back Pain
In majority of patients with upper back pain, overuse is the leading cause. Other reasons that may cause upper left back pain are:
  • Muscle Strain - Strain or sprain in muscle is the leading cause for upper left back pain. Complete rest can also help in combating this painful condition.
  • Sprain Ligaments - Not only the muscles, but spraining of the soft tissue ligaments can also cause a sharp pain in the upper left back region. You may experience severe pain while sitting, standing and walking.
  • Physical Trauma - In some patients, physical trauma is the cause for upper left back pain. However, in most cases, pain in the upper left back area is resulted due to overuse and aging.
Middle Left Back Pain
Similar to other back pain conditions, poor posture, overuse and muscle strain are responsible for causing middle left back pain. In addition to these, painful symptom in the middle left back portion are:
  • Muscle Strain - Muscle strain also causes middle left back pain. Over-stretching of the muscles in this portion can lead to wear and tear, causing painful symptoms.
  • Slipped Disc - The protective structure that covers the spinal column may undergo dislocation and/or bulging, which results in middle left back pain.
  • Other Causes - Other causes of left middle back pain include degeneration of bone due to poor posture, aging process, osteoporosis, gastroenteritis, etc.
Lower Left Back Pain
Among the other conditions responsible for back pain, lower back pain is the most frequently reported complaint. Causes for a painful feeling in the lower left back include:
  • Nerve Root problem - Sharp pain in the lower left back can be a problem related to nerve roots. At times, the nerves in this area are pinched, which result in unbearable pain.
  • Slipped Disc - Slipped or herniated discs are another cause for lower left back pain. In such a condition, pain from the lower left back slowly directs itself to the left leg, thus worsening the condition.
  • Kidney Stone - Lower left back pain accompanied with bloody urine and pain while urinating is caused due to kidney stones. Upon examining the symptoms, the physician can easily identify lower left back pain resulted due to kidney stones.
  • Intestinal Problem - Intestinal problems can also cause back pain in the lower left side. However, such problems are usually associated with other digestive symptoms like constipation, diarrhea and sharp pain after eating.
As already stated, timely diagnosis of left back pain is essential for advocating the right treatment methods. Based on the causes, treatment options may vary from one patient to another. Proper rest, massage therapy, over-the-counter pain killers and appropriate back exercises are some of the effective ways for managing left back pain.
By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
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