Let Me Introduce Myself

Does the power of seduction endorse itself on our glorious leaders? Are they truly aware of the dangers? As global warming brings higher tides, greater storms, and drought. The real threat of a meteor strike... the upsurge in fundamentalism, terrorism, and war. Could it be true that we are being seduced by power-hungry brokers, intend on totalitarianism?
Slip into nothing,
Go naked as a newborn,
Face the wind,
Face the rain,
Face the elements, alone,
Raise your arms,
Raise your head,
Raise your voice and roar!
Feel the power coursing through your veins,
Put fire to your core.

Cede yourself to My caress,
I am the wind,
I am the rain,
I am all the elements,
I am the fire,
I am the earth,
I am all of your content,
Succumb to Me,
I am your Master and your Lord,
Yours is but to serve,
Cede yourself and be blessed!

Flame your heart with desire,
Burn your passion,
Fuel your libido,
Caress the phallus of power,
Feel its heat,
Arouse the seed of life,
Bring it to fruition,
Give birth to the child of My loins!

You have served Me well, serf,
You are no longer needed,
Go. Whore!
Go back to your Babylon!
Leave Me with My Heir.

I shall teach Him the power,
Lead Him in the glory of the hour,
I shall give Him My strength,
My wisdom,
He will lead my legions,
I shall be proud of Him!

Ah, sweet Wormwood,
Go forth like the Whore,
Seduce the seven puny Kings,
Prepare them for My coming,
Give them anything they want,
For it is true that they shall hold theirs,
But a short while,
Before their servitude be dispelled,
Before they rot in Hell!

The fanfare to Armageddon blows,
Onward to WAR! Onward to War!
Fire from the skies,
Fueled by the hurricane,
The earth spews molted from its core,
Leviathan rises from the seven seas,
Its ugly heads roar,
"To War! To WAR!"

I am the storm,
I am the tempest,
The four horsemen of the Apocalypse,
I am the rain,
I am the flood,
I am the fear that boils your blood,
I am the sun,
I am the heat,
I am the stench of burning meat,
I am the soil,
I am the sand,
I am the spoils of your land,
I am the seduction of your mind!

Slip into nothing,
Go naked as the newborn....
Let Me introduce Myself!
Published: 12/19/2014
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