Let's Make it Work

A struggling relationship trying to make things work, with the odds being against them.
Always being the one at fault?
Wanting you to care about my feelings and my thoughts,
Can never do anything right…
Not knowing what you are doing, because you are out of sight.

Being short, getting snappy, crying out for attention,
I like being noticed too, that have I mentioned?
Caring, loving and devoting myself to you…
Crying tears, feeling hurt, afraid I am going to lose.

Drawn to you and wanting to be your everything…
Doing everything that I can… to hold on to this flame,
Putting myself out there for you and us,
Not holding back, so this doesn’t turn into lust.

For it is you that has my heart, you see?
Why can’t you take it? But don’t run… show me what happiness can be,
Time and distance can keep us apart…
But we are together forever, inside our hearts.

Anger, stubborn, bullheaded, and selfishness…
Both of us have these flaws… it explains why we get pissed,
You are no better than I am and neither of us is perfect,
Fighting and saying mean things is getting us nowhere… it isn’t even worth it.

To apologize later about things we said,
Out of anger, foolishness and having to dread,
I love you so much and I tell you that often…
I don’t know if it means anything to you, or if you think I am just talking?

That statement however isn’t just words…
Those words mean a lot to me and it’s not for the birds,
I am not angel and far from a saint,
Not a devil either, but I can be taint...

Sorry for my actions and my words,
I should pick and choose my battles wisely and not be absurd,
Tired of the arguing, bickering, and fussing all the time,
It’s the same song every week and it doesn’t even rhyme,
I love you and I will say it as much as I have to,
Let me be your life, your world, and your everything... I just want you.

Overreacting and getting rude…
It doesn’t solve anything, or excuse the way I act or my attitude,
Letting little things get to me,
Not knowing what to feel or how to handle the jealousy.

I can say sorry but it’s getting old,
I do mean it but it’s always told,
Wanting and caring for you so very much…
To love and cherish your gentle touch…
Where are we now? And where will this go?
It really doesn’t matter because my love for you is strong and always will show.
Published: 7/3/2013
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