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Mel's POV

I was sitting in class, bored outta my mind, minding my own business.

Then a stupid boy, Hayden Wong, grabbed my bag and ran off with it. He was the type of kid that tried to be the class clown, but in my opinion, he was downright annoying.

He bolted out the door while everyone in the classroom burst out laughing. I didn't see the funny side of it. That bag contained my precious belongings - my keys, my money, my phone!


I yelled, trying to be intimidating as possible, but I had such a high, squeaky, girly voice. Who could take me seriously?

I ran after him. I may be short, but thank god for my fast little legs! I caught up to Hayden in no time and tackled that loser WWE smackdown style, pinning him to the floor.

"You're lucky I haven't broken your bones."

I told him as I snatched my bag from him. Looking around, there was no one in sight. They were all in class. I could hurt him and get away with it, if I wanted to.

"Yeah, right. What can a little girl like you do?"

He scoffed, sitting upright, giving me a cheeky lil smile. I felt so tempted to show him exactly why he shouldn't underestimate little girls. But, alas, I've been warned by the principal that I can't hit another guy's junk again or else I'll get expelled.

So, instead, I grabbed a fistful of Hayden's shirt and yanked him close to me. I looked straight into his brown eyes and hissed,

"You wanna play these games, boy?"

I watched the smile falter on his lips as a look of confusion and surprise took over his face. Smirking in satisfaction, I pulled him closer, until our noses were almost touching,

"Because I will always win."

Then I kissed him, taking him off guard. It was a half-assed kiss that ended as soon as it began, as Hayden fell backwards clumsily. He gawked at me with wide eyes as if he couldn't believe what was happening.

"Did you- did we- what just..?"

Did he forget how to speak?

"Oi! You two! You should be in class!"

A teacher hollered at us, heading our way. I pretended not to hear her. Casually, I picked myself up and swung my bag over my shoulder, and walked away as quickly as possible. I wanted to avoid being lectured. Spare me the huge bore.

Hayden's POV

What the freak just happened?

When I returned to class, my buddies asked how it went down with Mel.

"Did she kick your butt?" They wanted to know.

I told them that she kissed me.


Then they all laughed in one go.

"Nah! Quit lying, bro."

"Why would she ever kiss you? No offense."

"You must be high or something."

I'm pissed that they don't believe me.

Then again, I don't believe myself either... When I tell the story aloud, it does sound ridiculous. I mean, one minute I'm stealing the chick's bag, the next she's tackling me to the floor and kissing me. It makes no sense.

God, I can't shake the kiss away. This is the most confused I've ever felt in my life.

I look over at Mel. She's leaning on her desk with her elbows propped up, focusing on the rambling teacher. She doesn't seem bothered at all, like nothing has happened. It's making me question my sanity. Did I just imagine the whole thing?

Brenda's POV

I nudge Mel.

"Hm?" She says, looking like she wants to fall asleep any second. Typical girl. She's always dozing off in class.

"Did something happen between you and Hayden?" I whisper.

Mel sits up straighter and gives me a weird look.


Discreetly, I point at him with the tip of my pencil.

"He keeps looking over at you," I point out.


She doesn't say anything for a while, then she yawns and stretches her arms.

"Nothing happened," she says.
Published: 7/4/2019
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