Lettering Styles for Tattoos

Instead of opting for a pictorial tattoo, you can choose a text tattoo. There are thousands of attractive lettering styles for tattoos available that can be made use of, in order to get that perfect design...
There are many different lettering styles for tattoos that have caught people's fancy in today's times. Tattoos are hugely popular now, and have become a part of mainstream culture with alarming intensity. In the midst of this surge in the popularity of tattoos, text tattoos are something that are seen very often. Text tattoos give the individual the option to ink some phrase, or saying, or motto, on their body and add an original touch to it.

The best part about lettering styles for tattoos is that there are so many of them, so the range of choices is unlimited. One can opt for a lettering style in a different language and this will make the text impossible to read for most people, or one can alter the lettering styles for tattoos to highlight a certain part, or the entirety of the tattoo.

The earliest tattoos were just simple black patterns that represented something important, or helped tribesmen to distinguish people based on hierarchy. Over time, these tattoos started involving pictorial representations of real things and animals, and pretty soon text tattoos became a part of the tattoo culture. Using fancy lettering styles for tattoos, one can change the appearance of a simple word or line drastically, and there are people who are ready to pay big money for these lettering styles.

The Legacy
Lettering styles for tattoos have a somewhat sinister feel to them as well, as these were always used to distinguish people in large groups. During the holocaust, the Nazis forced the prisoners in concentration camps to get tattoos that would help their captors identify them. These were simple numbers drawn in a certain manner, and they were known as 'ka-tzetnik'.

Today, lettering styles for tattoos make use of the written fonts of various languages from around the world. Chinese and Japanese symbols are very attractive to look at, and these are very popular lettering styles. Even the language of Sanskrit and Hindi from India are very popular lettering styles for tattoos.

The art of calligraphy has evolved, and tattoo artists today can make their own cursive lettering styles for tattoos, to make a tattoo that looks like someone has simply written something on the individuals body with a free hand.

Different Lettering Styles for Tattoos
There are many websites over the Internet that automatically generate the text of a tattoo in a hundred different styles, and this lets the visitor view the end result instantly. Here are some of the most popularly used lettering styles for tattoos.
  • Old English Text - This is one of the oldest and most popular of all lettering styles for tattoos.
  • Helvetica - This is also a very attractive lettering style, and it is seen in almost all the road signs.
  • Dark Wind - This is a Gothic looking lettering style, wherein all the round alphabets are squarish in shape.
  • Licorice Strings - The round alphabets have a lot of spirals coming out in all directions.
There are many more lettering styles for tattoos that are commonly made use of as well, and it all depends on the personal choice of the person who is getting the tattoo. If you are looking to design your own tattoo, you can even choose someone's handwriting as the lettering for your design. It is very simple to trace this out, and then get it tattooed on your body. Lettering styles for tattoos have so many options for every individual, thus making it impossible to make a decision soon. One will need to go through many sample designs and then choose. The location of the body part where the tattoo is going to be present is also very important.

These lettering styles for tattoos will really enhance the beauty of your tattoo, and make it look very attractive. If you're getting a foreign language, you must additionally ensure that the spellings are correct.
By Rahul Thadani
Published: 5/24/2010
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