Lies that Make Me Bleed

These lies creating pain and deep, incurable hatred embedded deep within my mind. This blade cutting my wrist is better than thinking of her.
Don't you see the hate in my eyes?
They're all corrupt to the core.
Many of the tears that I cry
are from anger and nothing more.

I'm so sick of all your lies;
I'm trapped in this dark pit.
Now I just want you to die
you fucking piece of shit!

Do you find it funny
that whenever I scream or yell
no one hears my pleadings
to help me from this hell?

Do you find some beauty
in watching my heart bleed?
I cut my arm from memories
of your insatiable greed.

Though I feel emotional pain
my blade creates physical too;
it cuts my skin and pierces veins
yet its better than thinking of you.

As I watch myself bleed and bleed
I can only temporarily forget
these damn memories haunting my dreams
as it finally abolishes ignorance.

I used to think I did something wrong,
that I didn't do what I should have done
but really the truth was all along
the deep hatred was the feeling that won.

It took a while but now I see
this love was never true.
You destroyed my very being
and all I have to say is F*CK YOU!
Published: 10/20/2007
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