Life: A Wonderful Gift From God

Life is a wonderful blessing. We must all thank God Almighty for this.
Isn't it wonderful that we are all created in the image of God Almighty? We must thank Him with all our hearts and souls for everything that He had done to us; for life is a wonderful blessing. Yet, for some people, they don't appreciate the beauty of life. They thought that they have been cursed by God because they have experienced so many problems in their life. They thought that God is against them and they should live on their own. They thought that God abandoned them, and therefore, they would not pray to Him anymore.

My brothers and sisters, I had thought the same before, but the only difference was, my faith in God had never been put into rest. I have experienced ups and downs in life and I knew the feelings of being rejected, blamed, and disappointed. There were times I wanted to give up because I didn't know the right remedies of the pain I felt inside. But then, there was God. I prayed to Him for guidance, and the best thing that had left on me, was my strong faith. And for that, I was saved from my misery.

Whenever I pray to God, I always include in my prayers the phrase "Your Will Be Done", for God Himself knows everything- the present, past and future things in our life. Sometimes, we are easily discouraged because the things that we have prayed to Him are not given immediately. Sometimes, we want fast results that we do not think that God will give all these things when the right time has come. And when we do not get what we want in life, we tend to forget God. We become rebellious. We don't believe in him anymore. The worst thing is, we tell ourselves that God does not exist, which in fact, He is always there waiting for us to knock at His door. But we do not see the real picture of the whole situation here. God is only testing everyone of us, if we are indeed His believers. If we will not give up on Him, as He will not give up on us.

Throughout my life I have faith in God, for He is real. I know that there are certain things in this world that are hard to explain why God has not given all the desires that we wanted to happen. As I have said earlier on, that God knows everything and He knows the perfect timing. All He wants from us is to have patience and have a strong faith in Him. Sure, He will provide everything that we have asked for. Sure, He will give you a good life, for there is no Greatest Father who wanted His children to suffer greatly. Sure, He will always be there for all of us, even though we have forgotten Him. And sure that God wanted all His children to live with Him in Heaven when our time has come to an end.

My brothers and sisters, if you do not believe in God, I humbly ask you to submit yourself to Him. He is the Maker of Heaven and Earth, and all the things that we see around or we possess now, are from Him. It is not too late to turn back to God and ask for forgiveness for all the sins that we have made. God is The Most Merciful and The Most Loving of all. Undoubtedly, He will forgive all of us, if we only let God be the center in our lives. Also, He will not turn His back against us and leave us all behind, as our trusted friends have done to us.

Life is a wonderful gift from God Almighty. We must cherish it, we must praise Him, and we must live to the life that God has always wanted us to. Although life is full of challenges, adventures, or whatever you call it, we must live to the fullest and appreciate the beauty on it. We must forgive our brothers and sisters, and we must love one another. After all, life here on earth is temporary and short. There in heaven we will live forever.

Praise be the Lord God! Amen.
Published: 7/8/2013
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