Life At Its Best - Chapter 4

What was the decision Katie and Jacob made? Will it change their relationship forever? What will Grace say about her say in it? What will happen to their family after this change?
The morning is full of blissful sleeping from Grace and Jake, their breathing as silent as a mouse's footsteps. The hard wooden floor below me is icy cold, which is how I figure out that winter is still not over yet. The wind outside my home send chills up my spine, while the warm bed covers fill me with peace. Jacob wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me close to him, where I feel his hot breath against my cold back. He whispers something I cannot hear but think about what it could be. Then my mind flips back to last night when we decided about the new life of Grace.

"Is it already time to leave the bed and get ready for the day?" Jacob whispers to me through my ear, leaving shivers crawl up my spine.

"Yes, it is. When should we tell Grace, Jake?" I whisper back to him, allowing him to crawl around the bed until he can make himself sit up properly.

"Today." He says just barely enough for anyone to hear, while some tears fill my eyes for the first time this morning.

"What about school and work?" I say a little louder now, making sure he can hear every word as a single tear falls from my eye down to my cheek. He hears something that sends up quickly walking over to me and gently wiping the tear from my cold cheek.

"Don't cry baby, it is going to be okay. I have decided that we will allow Grace to go to school a little late this morning. I will call my boss and will call yours, then we can go through with our plans. It is going to be alright, Katie." Jacob whispers to me, watching me let the last few tears slide down my cheeks.

"That is the thing, Jake, it isn't going to be alright. Grace is going to hate me forever and I don't want that to happen. I am her sister and she is mine, what we both agreed on last night is true but depressing. I'm sorry, Jake, I have let you down again." I say wiping my eyes and grabbing a few tissues from my bed stand to blow my nose with.

"Katie, it is okay, you and I will be okay. I am here for you and I will always be here for you, you are my girl and I could never leave you, not even now. Actually, especially now, okay?" He says in calming voice, steadying my heartbeat.

"Okay, Jacob." I say nodding but letting some poor tears sneak from my puffy red eyes to the bottom of my chin, dripping onto Jake's hand. He takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom, where he turns the hot water on. He slowly walks out of the room, being a gentleman, but also the husband that I will always want to have.

Grace walks down the stairs, watching every step with her peering dark eyes. Her face is white from the morning coldness, and her school outfit is already chosen. She carries her backpack down in one hand, allowing the other one to fall onto the wooden staircase railing for support. A smart little sister she is.

"Good morning, Grace." I hear Jacob say, while I sit next to the fire, warming my cold hands to perfection.

"Morning, Grace." I say turning around so I could see her, already depressed expression turn into nothing. She drops her backpack down on the wooden floor and tiptoes over to the fire, allowing her cold feet to hit the white carpet with relief.

"Morning Katie and Jake. What is for breakfast?" She says, emerging a smile from her hidden self. She sighs a little then turns back towards the hot, crackling fire to roast her toes in the warmth.

"Well, though we would just make you some hot cocoa and tea, then some stripes of bacon with toast and jelly on the side. Does that sound good?" Jacob comments, smiling at her which turns her expression into a happier one. A smile reaches across Grace's face, while she licks her lips, nodding in agreement.

"Good, then I will prepare that for my two beautiful women." He says smiling at me and winking. I turn back towards the fire and nudge Grace who seems to be in a happier mood. She looks at me with a smile and another wink, allowing her pearly white teeth to show at me. I laugh and she laughs, thinking to myself that may be we could keep her.

We all pile onto the sofa, allowing the fire to burn down a little before place another couple of logs on. Our cups of tea and hot cocoa sit by themselves on the wooden table, while the cold bacon and hot toast sits soundlessly on the white plates. The giggly sister I used to know sits next to me but in the middle of Jacob and I. Now is the time to tell her.

"Hey Grace?" Jacob says, allowing time to get herself together and answer him.

"Ya." She says happily, earning a smile from the both of us.

"We have something to tell you." I say filling my eyes with tears, as Jacob watches with a calming expression. Grace watches a couple of tears fall, and immediately sits up a little straighter.

"It's about you living with us, now that mom has died." I say, speaking quieter with every word.

"Jacob and I have thought about setting you up for adoption because we can't afford to take care of you plus us anymore. What would you think about that?" I say, now crying but allowing myself to stay downstairs for Grace's sake.

"NO!" She yells at me then bursts into tears, Jake pulls her onto his lap and lets her cry into his chest. He rocks her back and forth, until I realize that he would be a perfect father.

"Grace, it would be better for you, you wouldn't have to live with the fact that mom is dead and I am the only one left for you." I say calmer now.

"No! Please don't make me go, I want to stay here! I love you both so much and I wouldn't be happy anymore! I promise I will be a happier child if you let me stay here! I will even get my own job to pay for myself! Please don't make me go!" She yells before storming upstairs and into her room, not shutting the door. I look at Jacob and burst into tears myself, realizing how much this hurts Grace.

"We can't let her go." I tell Jacob but he has already nodded in agreement. Grace is the most important person to me right now, and if she isn't happy here she will never be happy somewhere else. I love her so much and if I ever actually let her move on with her life, I would be depressed. I just hope this decision doesn't affect the relationship I have with Jacob, the only one who I want to be married to.
Published: 9/24/2012
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