Life Before Death - Chapter 1

This is about an 80-year-old man who was on his last month or two of life, before he woke up in a mother's arms. With no recollection of where he was or who the mother and father was, he had to keep it to himself without sounding insane.
I studied hard and lived a long life and I am now 80 years old. I am in the hospital on my death bed, if you can call it that. I have had a great life and now have to go to heaven or hell whichever one will take me. The doctor told me I had only a month to live and he was probably right with all the drinking and drugs I did when I was younger. It's been three weeks now and I am really out of breath. The nurses keep coming to check up on me. I tell them to go away and let me die in peace. My family wrote to me daily because the plane trip cost too much and they didn't want to drive here. Maybe I did have a great life and lived it to the fullest.

Where the hell am I... The voices were so loud in my head and I didn't know how I was still alive.

Waking up to a woman with her breast in my face wasn't something I had in mind. What the hell is going on here. I couldn't talk either. Why did everything look bigger. Suddenly I realized after seeing the few things in the room that I am a baby. You could see all the baby stuff on the walls and on the dresser. The woman was somewhat happy about me I guess by her smile. Maybe it was a fake one. This was scary I thought to myself and I knew that one day I would wake from this nightmare and find myself in heaven or hell.


Chapter 1

15 Years Later

In class studying whatever this was in my book I couldn't understand half of it but I was learning. Where did the time go and how am I here in this weird world. I am now 15 years old wearing some ridiculous pair of shoes and some shorts and a shirt. It had some black writing on the shirt which stated the name of the school or the city. My mother told me to wear them. Which is weird to me since I already had a mother and father on earth. I don't know how I knew that I was on a place called earth but I just did.

The teacher wore these spectacles and had a white shirt and a white hat on his head. The classroom was on the furthest down the corridor of the school. The door had the numbers 22 on it. The teacher's name was Smith. He was only about 18 which who would be old enough to be a school teacher. Only three years older than me. What the hell is going on here! I blurted this out loud in class and everyone turned to me with a disappointed face. Who are you guys my mother? I said this to myself. "Excuse me mister Dallas Fester, what is it that seems to be the problem? Mr. Smith said. I looked at him and said nothing for a few seconds.

Mr. smith had no idea what was going on, but he asked me again. This time he pulled out a switch that was to reprehend students if they were misbehaving or not following directions. I just stared back and said. Yeah, there is something wrong. There is something wrong with this planet and you the teacher. 18 year old's shouldn't be running this classroom. There should be someone a lot older than you are. All the students started to woo and awe at what I just said like it was something that wasn't said a lot. The teacher walked towards my desk and told me to put out my hands. I didn't oblige since I would never let anyone hit me with a switch. "There are rules in this classroom and you are to obey them. Now stick out your hands. I just sat there until I see on the side of my eye someone coming at me. The kid was older than I was and grabbed my arms and held them out for Mr. Smith to hit them with the switch. This was when I failed to understand what was going on and how they could get away with this kind of punishment.

Afterwards, I was told to go see the master who was in charge of the school. I decided to walk home instead. When I stepped outside the school building, I noticed three other people who held what looked like bats in their hands. They had black suits on and were looking at me. They pointed their bats at me and then pointed to the doors. I guess they wanted me back inside. I was fed up. I ran towards a tree and they ran after me. I was close to the other side of the school's parameter but couldn't quite get past these guys. I was being ushered around the school by these guys daily since I joined. I hated this school and wanted nothing of it.
Should I write more?
Published: 3/31/2017
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