Life Before Death - Chapter 2

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As they ushered me through the area of the school to get me back inside, I noticed another person in black walking down the steps of the doors and yelling something at the three guys. "Hey, you guys knock that off and let him go". The three stopped and turned around. There in front of them was the leader of the black suited crew. "

"I told you guys to never let your power go to your heads, but look at you guys doing just that". The three put their heads down towards the ground as if to be pouting. I stopped and listened to the leader say these things but didn't stay long. I left the school grounds and headed home for the day. School was out anyways and I had to go do my chores. I whistled as I walked down the street. The birds were chirping and the wind was blowing gently. As I came to a stop at a green light which was weird sense it was a red light that traffic would stop at I thought about my life before this. The light changed red and I walked across the street. My home wasn't that far away from school so it wasn't that bad. And it was good exercise to. I never did this when I was in school as a boy on earth.

At the gate of my home, I opened the gate and walked to the door of the house. I walked inside and closed the door. I ran up the stairs as I always did and went to my room. I closed the door as I went inside. Jumping onto my computer that was there I turned it on. Looking over the days news I see a guy in red who wore black gloves. The title of the article was theft. The article read: Theft at the department of justice where files had been stolen.

These files were of a top secret place in the jungle. If these files do not get placed back where they were, it could spread fear in the eye's of the public. The story ended there and there was nothing else about it. I sat there looking at the article for a few minutes and noticed a person standing there not too far from this red suited guy. This guy had on blue jeans and a brown shirt. He was standing there with something to his ear. It could have been a phone or just some ear piece that helped him hear things. I didn't know. I turned off the computer and grabbed a book out of the night stand near my bed. Sitting on my bed I started to read.

Two hours went by and heard my mom yell dinner time. I went down stairs and sat down at the table. "I heard you got into some trouble at school". "I told you not to get into any trouble but you do it anyways". I just stared at my dinner as I ate playing with some potatoes with my fork. I looked up at her and smiled. "Well mom you know that place is weird". "What do you mean weird"? She would always say this to me. "I am just not use to this world!". I spouted out without even thinking. "What are you talking about?". I just went back to eating my meal. We sat there in silence while we ate. Dinner was over and I went upstairs without saying good night. Off to shower and sleep before I head outside tomorrow. Getting into bed and closing my eye's I thought about earth again.
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Published: 1/22/2020
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