Life in Love

My first try at poetry. Please tell me what you think! A poem about the unpredictability of life and love and how fast things can change in life.
All that we were, all we could have been,
What was I missing, what couldn’t be seen?
Two hands that fit so perfectly like a puzzle piece,
A bond so great between us, how did it ever cease?

Laughter and smiles faded away,
Time and life came out to play,
Our heart stopped beating as one,
Our times together was no longer fun.

I thought we were different and this time around,
I thought life wouldn’t let the end come around,
I finally accept that this is how life goes,
Just like a book there is always a chapter to close.

A final look at what could have been,
Another lesson in life to be seen,
I’ve finally learned that everything ends,
All parts of the journey, on life it depends.

I throw down my dice and get up again,
And let my life lift its pen once again,
Into the ocean of life I throw my heart,
The silent salute to another start.
What did you think of my poem?
I loved it!
Stick to story writing and articles only.
Your first try was done well!
You did badly.
It sucked.
It was great.
Keep working at it.
You have potential.
Published: 4/13/2012
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