Life is But...

A longing to be reunited with a long lost love.
Life is but a memory in the recess of my mind,
All the thoughts I've left behind,
Fade into nothing,
The love, the joy, the happiness, the sorrow and the pain,
A vestige of which remains,
To give life meaning.

And so I shall go on as before,
To open up the doors,
In search of answers,
And maybe tomorrow I will find,
A certain peace of mind,
Among the cancer.

Life is but the road to death, of that you can be sure,
It breaks upon your shore,
Slowly eroding,
It clears out your emotions, all the anger and the rage,
And turns another page,
To your foreboding.

And so I shall walk to meet my fate,
And face another day,
Of life's illusion,
Perhaps a smile will cross my face,
As I spy a little grace,
In the confusion.

Life is but a past tense on which to reminisce,
To recollect a kiss...
A lover's sanction.
It holds the hand of yesterday while reaching for tomorrow,
To grope among the shadows,
For a reaction.

And so I shall reach once more for you,
And hope that you'll come through,
To lead me home,
And I can leave my burdens far behind,
And maybe finally, I'll find,
I'm not alone.
Published: 9/21/2012
Bouquets and Brickbats