Life is Like a Clock

Life is like a clock that continues to go round and round, no turning back.
Life is like a clock. When the battery expires, it stops. - Alon Calinao Dy

Every time I hear "tick-tock" in a clock, I know someone lives and someone passes away in the world. The clicking sound of a clock, always reminds me that life on earth has its own time frame. Hence, every second of a minute, every minute of an hour, and every hour of the day are so important that one must not take for granted each opportunity, life has to offer. No one can turn back time even if he wants to, for life is a journey that is constantly moving forward.

I have been wondering what would be my life after ten, twenty, or thirty years. Am I still alive during that time or my battery expires? I have been thinking what would be my greatest contribution to humanity, for I don't want to die doing nothing at all. I want to be remembered as someone who loves all people, regardless of its origins and status in life. I want to share the gift of love that God has shown me, I want to serve the people around me with great respect and love, and I want to preserve that honor and dignity before their time has come to an end. But I don't want to be called a hero, for most heroes die in an untimely manner. If God permits, I want my clock to run smoothly so that I could do many great things for others whom I believe will make a huge impact to other people as well.

To give you further inspiration, here is my poem about life.

What is Life?

Life is like a mysterious time in a clock,
No turning back.

Life is like a rough road,
Too many crossroads.

Life is like a series of books,
Full of different stories.

Life is like a soap and a bowl of water,
Wash the dirt and clean the germs.

Life is like a cup of coffee,
Sweet, bitter, and sour taste.

Life is like a music,
Feel the pitch, rhythm, and dynamics.

Life is like a boat,
Sails against the tide.

Life is like a canvas board,
Paint it with vibrant colors.

Life is like a gift,
Cherish it or loathe it.

Life is like a constant visit,
Needs a daily reflection.

Life is like a tunnel, full of darkness,
Yet reaching toward the light.

Life is like an empty bowl,
Fill it with hard work.

Life is like a death of Jesus,
For the forgiveness of sins.

Life is like a...

Indeed, life is like a clock that continues to go round and round. Everyone should use their clock wisely. Don't ever make absurd things that you'll regret later on. Remember, time goes by so quickly or slowly. It depends. But before the ticking stops, one must be prepared for anything to happen. Do something beautiful for the people and God, for it can make a big difference for everyone.
Published: 10/1/2013
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