Life is Short

Life is so short for us to be lazy, do evil, and worry. Enjoy life to the max once you have it.
Life is short Mr. sluggard,
To be dozing this dawn on that stand,
With your ten digits clutched in your groin,
Waiting for your fate in that coin.

Life is short young mistress,
To be used by these men as their distress,
Jumping from van to van, corner to corner,
And destroying the temple of your creator.

Life is short Mr. Black,
How long will your works stay in the dark?
When will the light be your ally?
Don't be deceived! Your maker is all seeing.

Life is short madam widow,
When will you bury that old cloth,
And wear the beautiful smile you had,
To raise the spirit of your charming lad.

Life is so short dear pauper,
To share all your miseries on a placard,
Forgetting the passers only read and mock,
Get up! Cheer up!! And work!!!
Published: 7/19/2014
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