Like Father, Like Son

I wanted to write a short story about this, but I decided to turn it into a poem instead.
From the moment he was born into this world of evil and suffering,
And he opened his little, blue eyes to look at his father who cried,
The man shook his son continuously, his behavior so puzzling,
Making the newborn cry in agony, to which the newly bride sighed.

The doctors diagnosed the baby with conditions that were imposed,
The child grew up with learning difficulties and struggled in school,
The father continued with his reckless actions that his son opposed,
Destroying himself in substance abuse and treating his wife like a tool.

The son was forced to watch the monster his father became at night,
Attacking and raping his wife before the child's sleep-deprived eyes,
Hiding under the table, the child would cry to God to make things right.
Yet the vicious cycle tainted his days while his faith in God slowly dies.

The child is now thirteen years old and he's being bullied by his peers,
They taunt and laugh at him for wearing diapers and his poor hygiene,
He's falling behind with his grades, uncaring and consumed by his fears,
So, he blocked out reality and turned to strangers online that were unseen.

Diagnosed with mental disorders, including depression, he has lost hope,
So, he sat with his mother down and asked for her blessing to commit suicide,
She told him that his death will result in the ending of her life with the rope,
Along with that, she swore to burn his brother and sister till they are fried.

So, he was forced to live on for the sake of his family and their lives,
Looking forward to the day that he can finally escape from his father,
Unfortunately, it is not as easy as he imagined when the day arrives,
As his father stalked him and his mother, causing pain and bother.

Will there ever be an end to this repetitive cycle of abuse and torture?
His older brother followed his father's steps in his search for power,
Little sister accused him of touching her, when he merely adored her,
For him, time does not heal the pain, it builds up higher than a tower.

Now he is a grown man in his twenties, still living with his mother,
Unable to work due to his dyspraxia, he survives off his pensions,
Living in poor housing conditions that are worsened by his brother,
He indulges himself to the online dimension, his guilty obsession.

Due to everything he's endured, he is very immature for his age,
Yet he has a lot of wisdom, but it is the social skills that he lacks,
There is a monster within him that he fears will seize him by rage,
It is slowly crawling out with each passing day and anxiety attacks.

Eventually, he meets a girl online who wants to see him in reality,
She is beautiful as the pictures she sent him much to his surprise,
As he learns more about her, he falls in love with her personality,
He feels a flicker of happiness as they laugh and share gold fries.

Now he is sitting in his rocking chair, recalling those memories,
His wife rests six feet underneath in her coffin like a flower bud,
Her blood stains his hands, and he hates himself for centuries,
As he couldn't fight the monster of his father within his blood.
Published: 3/30/2018
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