Lingering Love Lyrics

Here is my first ever genuine love poetry; written for someone so dear.
Many lyrics my wrist might have scribbled;
Many songs my larynx might have wobbled;
Many words my heart might have whispered,
None of them would this day be so inspired.

Your current of love surpasses all my wrist can scribble;
That current whose songs my larynx never would wobble;
Its words my heart has never whispered;
No muse for the literary cocktail its lyrics would ever have inspired.

Yours is a lingering love lyrics;
Lyrics that bite into my innermost pharynx;
Lyrics that turn my vocal cords to rebel against the larynx;
Lyrics of love, life, happiness treasured in the 'glee-mix'.

This day throws my heart out of control;
This day sets my heartbeat in a continuous roll;
My Treasure, this day has filled my heart with glee;
I choose to lock my heart and give you the key.

My lingering love lyrics can only linger;
Cos for life, I'll sing aloud songs of love never to whisper.
But here is all I find myself saying today:
Published: 9/14/2018
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