Lion of Judah Tattoo

Religious tattoos like the lion of Judah tattoo have become one of the most popular tattoos amongst the tattoo enthusiasts. If you're searching for information about this form of tattoo, here is it.
Religion has been a source of unification for people with multitude of thoughts, ideas and opinions. The history of religion and tattoos is an interesting piece of study. While many religious people choose to get tattoos of Gods and symbols they believe holy for their body, there are numerous other people who just prefer religious body art, irrespective of its meaning. The lion of Judah tattoo is a special type of Lion tattoo that has deep mythological and religious importance. Lion tattoos, as we all know are dedicated to the king of jungle, the lion and they're a symbolic of the power, agility and poise a lion represents. Lions tattoos are very popular as zodiac tattoos amongst the Leo (born between July 23 to August 22). There are numerous Leo tattoo designs one can choose from.

An Overview of Lion of Judah Tattoo

No matter you're going to get a religious tattoo due to some solemn ritual or simply to express views and thoughts of your religion, you've plenty of options to choose from. Be it Christianity, Judaism, Jewish, Buddhism, Hinduism or Islam; religious tattoos are abundant. For different cultures and different religions, the lion of Judah tattoo holds different meanings. Lion tattoos stands for all qualities inherently found in the king of jungle. It conveys power, courage and strength. The lion of Judah tattoo is an apt symbolic of all these traits found in a lion.

What is the Lion of Judah?
So what does the lion of Judah represent? Before you move on to select the lion of Judah tattoo, you must be willing to know something about its origin so that you know as to why you're wearing that tattoo. Different cultures and religions have different people or things representing the lion of Judah. One of the earliest account comes in the Book of Genesis of Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) in which the lion of Judah has been represented to be the symbol of Israelite tribe of Judah. To put it simply, the inspiration behind the lion of Judah tattoo stems from the symbol of lion used in earliest tribes mentioned in books of Judaism. In Christianity, the lion of Judah represents Jesus and you will find many churches, Christian organizations using Lion as their emblem.

The Ethiopian culture has a mention of the lion of Judah in the book The Kebra Nagast or the Glory of Kings. This book is regarded sacred by Ethiopians and it conveys much information about Ethiopian feelings and religious sentiments. In this book, there is a mention of Israelites descending upon Ethiopia after Queen Sheeba along with his son, Menelik I visited King Solomon in Jerusalem. Both Jewish and Christian traditions believe that the lion of Judah tattoo is a symbolic of the tribes of Dan and Judah.

Lion of Judah Tattoo Designs
This tattoo makes up for a great design because the face of a lion having numerous spiritual and religious connotations can be mixed with numerous designs to show case several types of emotions and feelings. The face or entire body of the lion has been used on national emblems of many countries to represent power and strength. If you want to sport a tattoo that symbolizes spirit, fervor and enthusiasm coupled with qualities like patience, you can sport numerous lion tattoo designs, chiefly; the lion of Judah tattoo. Many people also get tattooed with the face of a fierce lion wearing a crown, that symbolizes there desire to win or be the best in their field.

Tattooing as a body art has come a long way. To get the lion of Judah tattoo, you should visit a tattoo shop near your home and ask them to show you all the related designs. If through your research on the Internet, you find some interesting designs, ask the tattoo designer to tattoo you based on the same design.
By Kundan Pandey
Published: 1/21/2011
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