Listen to Me When I'm Talking to You - Chapter 4

Shopping, shopping.
Tony’s POV

I hated shopping more than anything. It was big waste of time and why were there thousands of clothing brands out there when they basically sell similar materials? For me, as long as the clothes fit, it should be enough.

Despite my hatred toward shopping, I tagged along with Mary to the mall anyway. She said, "she desperately needs new clothes for the roller skate rink party..." Ben was hosting but I thought we all knew why she wanted new clothes.

Here is a little summary. Hello my name is Tony and I’m a junior in High school. I’m a geek and Marry is my girlfriend, girl as a friend; not the other kind, but I do wish she can be more than my friend. The only problem is she has a crush on this senior guy, named Ben. From my point of view Ben doesn't even know she exists, but in her mind Ben had shown attraction toward her. I don’t know how she developed a crush on him nor what he did to make her fall for him… but I do know, Marry will get hurt if she continues on like this. One day after school, Marry and me went to the nearest ice cream shop and there we bumped into Marry’s crush; Ben. Out of no-where, he invites Marry to his roller skate party. And of course, she says ‘yes’. Immediately after he has left, she decides that she needs new clothes to wear for the party and that is how we ended up here for shopping.

Now back to the present.

Shopping. Marry dragged me to the mall with her and declared that she needed new clothes. Being a supportive friend, I of course, didn't complain one bit and tried to help her out the best I could.

We were running from one store to another for hours, picking and trying numerous clothes. She disliked all of them. She said few dresses ‘exploded too much skim’ and others are ‘too safe’ there isn’t one that fitted her imagine of that perfect clothes, and I was running out of patience, my legs were also killing me. Man, how do girls manage to shop all day?

"Marry, let’s take a break. My legs are killing me." I said, sat on the bench since the muscles in my legs were burning.

"We just took a break half hour ago." Marry argued as she sat down next to me. "Tony, come on. Be a man and stop complaining."

I took in a deep breath and out, I haven’t moved around this much since that one mile run test in gym last semester. And if I remembered correctly Marry did worse than me. Where did her energy come from? Why isn’t she tired yet?

"I’m… good," I forced myself to stand, "Where should we go next?" The pain in my leg got worse once I stood on my feet but I could endure it for few more hours, I guessed.
Marry jumped to her feet, "Ummm, there." She pointed and I simply nodded, didn’t bothered reading the store’s name and just went with it.

To me this store looked a lot like most of stores we had been to for the past few hours, but to Marry it was like a brand new world, like every other store we had been to. I quickly found myself a seat, didn't matter where and sat while she carefully went through the clothes this store had to offer.

She picked out a few that caught her eye and tried it on. When she thought she looked great in it, she came to ask for my opinion, "What do you think?" She asked wearing a tunic that was white on top and dark blue on the bottom, "I can wear this on the top and wear a skinny jean on the bottom." She suggested.

"It could work."

"Is it appreciated for a party?" She asked, uncertain.

I shrugged, "I don’t know. I have never been to a party before."

"Then let’s look at it this way. If we were going on a date, would you like it if I wear this with a skinny jean?" She asked, her face turned red.

Why is her face red?

Did I miss something?

"Yeah, I would like it. You look pretty."

"This one it is." She headed back to the dressing room and changed back into her own clothes.

This shopping nightmare was finally over. Thank goodness at least that is what I thought until Marry suggested ‘To buy me something’ after she paid for the tunic.

"I don’t need new clothes, these old ones are fine."

"You are going to the party with me, Tony. As my plus one." Marry said smiling.


Me going to a party? Are you kidding me? No, no way. There is no way I’m going to that… social event, what’s the word, scared me. They are boring too. I feel much more comfortable to jump off a cliff than going to one. She knew that.

"No, no I can’t go with you." I rejected, "Ask Gabby to go with you." (Gabby, Marry’s fake friend at least that is what I see.)

"I want you to go with me," she displayed her puppy dog face at me, "And you know…" she paused, her eye fell to the ground, "I dislike going to party or any events involving communication. Like you. If you come with me, I wouldn’t feel so alone."

She got me. She totally got me, I couldn't say ‘no’ to that. But deep in my brain, I was still trying to come up with an excuse.

"But Ben (The guys Marry has a crush on) didn't invite me." I said feeling so pathetic.

Why can’t I be a man and agree to go with her, instead of running away with tail between my leg.

"Tony… you really don’t want to be mine plus one?"

I hesitated, tightened my fist into a ball, "No…" I could hear the sound of heartbreak "I will be your plus one and go with you."

This will be the worst decision I ever made… Or will it?
Published: 3/18/2015
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