Little Rain Drops

These rain drops are so different...
My little rain drops, why do you fall?
You cannot join any rainfall.
You are a cleanser and ventilator.
You are joy and sorrow’s indicator.
Those rain drops fall from the sky.
My little rain drops; you fall from the eye.

You do not need a season.
What you seek is a reason.
Death, dust or dusky mood;
Pull you out of your glossy hood.
Those rain drops follow lightening and thunder.
My little rain drops; you follow sorrow of either gender.

You don’t need storage.
You are never in shortage.
Prayers are chanted for that rain from the sky.
God is beckoned to drain you from the eye.
Those rain drops in excess cause havoc.
My little rain drops, even you in surplus signal panic.

You are a cure for ‘dead- out- of- shock’ heart.
You need to come out and treat that heart.
Strong minded people hold you as hostage.
Whatever happens, you are not let out of cage.
‘We hate tears’ is their not- so- wet line.
My little rain drops, ‘tears’ is your other name; salt in you hurts the vein.

Published: 7/24/2007
Bouquets and Brickbats