Live a Good Life While You Can

Life is yours and no one can tell you who you should become, and after all it is your life! Be the way you want.
Life, it is what you see it as,
Life is not slow or fast.

Life can be inevitable,
Life is based on what you're capable.

Don't keep spending - time or money,
Because life isn't about that, honey.

It is not success or failure,
It is not being brave or great fear.

It is not about rich or poor,
Nor is it based on myths and lore.

Life is about finding yourself,
Life isn't about surviving a fall off a cliff.

Life isn't about having money or a good job,
Life isn't about staying a random person in a stupid mob.

Life isn't any good or bad,
Don't you get what I'm saying, my lad?

Present is now, past is done,
Future is yet to come, don't think about it now.

Life isn't about being the way it has to be,
The world isn't caged or is it free.

Your life is the way you want it to be,
There are no options, just go and seek.

Live your good life while you still can,
Because your life is yours, claim it my man!
Published: 10/3/2013
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