Live Like There's No Tomorrow

If you're sad or upset about anything, read this and comment.
I know it's not the time to that we can smile and rejoice
Time has given us something that was out of our choice
We are broken and misunderstood
But whatever happens, happens for good

So just laugh and dance
Cuz you don't know if you'll ever get this chance
So just stand and walk
The sun will rise after the dark
Just forget your every sorrow
And live like's their no tomorrow.

I know you are feeling like a fallen bird
You are ashamed you regret your very own birth
It's time that you can only think about is to cry
Some would even find ways to die

But look up at the sun shining bright
The black clouds are gonna turn out white
So just keep trying nothing will be vain
Cuz there's a rainbow in the sky after a hurricane
So just buy the time, lend or borrow
Live like there's no tomorrow

I have seen you spend half of your life in yesterday
Life is more than just you...more than a child's play
Live like a king, fight like a soldier and live in today.
That's all I wanna say

Stand in the front and you're already leading this world
Just learn to be smooth and you'll be flying like a bird
Be so gentle that the world will seem like a river
Just stay down to earth and try to be a giver
It's in your hand to be a crow or a sparrow
Live like there's no tomorrow.

Published: 1/31/2011
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